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  1. I have just made a few quick tests with my SL and SF 64 firmware v1.1 Using the 24-90 the flash fired in all camera modes A, S, T, P & M. Shutter speed longest set to 60th/s in A mode and still fired up to 8000th/s. I then mounted a 90 APO R with the adapter stack of M-L & M-R. The camera only has modes M & A available, but the flash still fires are all shutter speeds in either mode. My only observation of Leica's flash system is, if the flash is set for straight / direct (non bounce) the auto focus has no affect on the flash output, and the flash output is controlle
  2. I sold my 70-180 APO R in recent months, I now use the 90-280. I agree with Darylgo, the IQ is off the chart and the OIS is a game changer.
  3. I had purchased from Richard Caplan many years ago, and in February 2020 I purchased a secondhand SL and new 35 APO SL from him. When I phoned in to double check the condition of the SL, the response was 'Pristine'. I knew it would be exactly that. Having used the SL for a few weeks I got drawn into the system big time! My current go to Leica dealers are Aperture, London Camera Exchange and Park Camera's. I recently spoke to the Leica Manchester Store, where I will be having my M7 serviced. It is sad to see the smaller dealers retiring / closing down.
  4. I delayed handling the Leica 24-90 due to the weight issue mentioned in the forum. Eventually I tried it out, just a superb purchase. Blows my Japanese made 24-70 f2.8 lens away! I have just added the 90-280. That mounted to the SL is about a 100 gms more than, the same Japanese made 70-200 f2.8. fitted to a D810. Just gave the name away. I don’t think weight issue is really mentioned about that other brand. Again the quality of the Leica lens is just in another world. I carry the SL and both zoom lenses in a back pack.
  5. Hello Scott, The second shot is very easy on the eye. I have just taken delivery of the Panasonic 70 - 200 f4 for use on my SL. My brief playtime with it using light at the end of day, I am very pleased with it, especially considering the cost. But seeing your comparative shots (Thanks for posting), my desire for the 90 -280 remains. Mark
  6. Only when the camera is powered on.
  7. The 50 APO makes the same noise on both a CL and SL Type 601. When the focus makes a small adjustment the noise is much like the 35 and 75 lenses. It is when it makes a 'long travel' focus shift that it is prevalent. I have sent the audio files to Leica Germany for comment. I intend to shoot some video over the next few days. I typically set the focus to dynamically track. As the focus speed is reduced in video mode, hopefully the noise will either be eliminated or reduced enough so that it isn't picked up on the recording. I will update in due course. Mark
  8. When I was younger I could easily focus M and R lenses on film camera's. When I started using an M8 and DMR I struggled to achieve accurate focussing, and rarely used maximum apertures just to improve my chances. Since using a CL and SL, the EVF now allows my 60 year old eyes to focus any M or R lens accurately using maximum apertures. I have been drawn into SL lenses. It appears that size matters as the optical quality, even at maximum aperture is stunning. If I want to travel light, I use the CL or SL with M or R lenses.
  9. I have just received my 50 APO SL lens, manufactured 19 June 2020. It too has a focus noise which is not typical of my 35 and 75 SL lenses. The noise occurs when focussing from far to near. In my brief 24 hours of ownership, I must admit that I don't notice it when out taking photographs. I have attached recordings of the 50 and 75. Not only is the 75 noise 'smoother', but a noticeable lower level. The 50's noise is almost a rattle. The manual focus rings on all are super smooth and nicely weighted. 75 APO SL focus noise.m4a 50 APO SL focus noise.m4a
  10. I have the 35 and 75 APO SL's. Both stunning also at f2. The 50 f2 is order.
  11. Yesterday I bought an SL with a new 35 f2 APO SL. The picture was taken at f2. It appears sharp right into the bottom left corner. I can't see any nasty chromatic aberrations anywhere in the image. This is a smallest resolution Jpeg straight out of the camera. https://photos.app.goo.gl/vHnFhnEFsgSkt1b18 The Bokeh is lovely too https://photos.app.goo.gl/9KyD224NFw2seWfs7 Mark
  12. I tend to agree with Wilson with the comparison of the technically superb SL lenses vs the older R equivalents with some fetching high prices. The advantage of the R lens range is how small they are compared to the SL's. I recently purchased a CL with 18-56, and unexpectedly found a minty 80 - 200 f4 R which I used for a recent holiday trip. The excellent EVF of the CL provides really easy focussing of manual lenses and I have started to enjoy the R lenses again. I always looked forward to an autofocus Leica camera system, but the SL lenses are too large for my needs. I still find the build
  13. Just prior to a foreign holiday, I decided to travel light with my camera gear. A London Leica dealer demonstrated a Q and a CL. The Q is fabulous, but the fixed lens pushed me to the CL. I made the CL purchase with the 18-56mm Vario. I never thought I would return to an APS-C sensor, but the quality of the CL is great. The EVF superb. I can use my M and R lenses on it. The lenses are so easy to focus. Much easier than using the M type 240 or an R body. Hopefully a full frame M size body with EVF will be produced, but until then I'm happy with the CL. Here are a few pictures from the trip
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