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  1. Oh, I really like this one. Will most likely get it at some point. The 28mm isn't an issue at all as this would be used as a backup or fun camera.. Well a smaller and lighter backup camera.
  2. It's been a while, but here is mine: CONRAD DUROSEAU ASSIGNMENT PHOTOGRAPHER Strange, I wrote out the complete address but renders as above.. Cheers
  3. I truly understand your point Doug. To be practical, that lens you speak of would definitely be a monster. Already, the existing S lenses are rather large. I like the S concept too but in many ways, as I stated before, it has various limitations for different needs. In my case, I wish they put 2 Maestro processors working in parallel or even boost the chip's efficiency to make it 400-500% faster.. One can dream of course.. In the meantime, a D810 will more than suffice.
  4. Actually, I must correct myself, in a way. The only acceptable R solution (from Leica) is not really an R solution at all. It's an R on steroids: the Leica S/S2. Going from the R to the S will be effortless for any R user, the R lineage screaming straight from the S system. Unfortunately, it does not accept R lenses but it is really a superb, although somewhat limited, system. However, what little is there is the ultimate in quality, doing what it does well, extremely well. My only complaint will remain that it is still very slow and deliberate. Some will argue that in fact it's a strengt
  5. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an acceptable DMR replacement solution. I have been looking, but my DMR still remains. On the other hand, I'm very happy with my D800 and prime N... lenses, and soon the D810. However, my R lenses firmly remain with their original R mounts.
  6. Lovely texture and light, strong portrait.
  7. I've always wanted to photograph a very old person because I find the weathered face of an elder both fascinating and attractive, and perhaps that is what you wanted to achieve here. However, I'm definitely with Hank, Brent and Robert on this one: I find that the image is somewhat jarring. The 50mm so close to the subject, effectively distorts the face/features and puts much emphasis (unnecessarily) on her wrinkles. I believe my discomfort comes from that distortion. It might be interesting to redo with a flatter field lens like a 90mm or a 135mm since you're using an M camera. Regar
  8. These are the exact terms I used to describe the S to a friend last week.
  9. An iconic image of the day, very nicely done. Coming back to North America for the first time in many years, I had the surprise to see people doing this at every event that were normally attended by news photographers in the past. That was a bit of a shocker I admit..
  10. mgcd

    The Artist

    Nice portrait, very nice expression. For a moment, I thought he looked like Leonard Nimoy..
  11. I had an instantaneous reaction of surprise and happiness when I opened this thread to see this image. Great character study.
  12. mgcd

    Apple Stairs

    Very nicely done.
  13. mgcd


    Love the graphic elements here, truly well structured.
  14. mgcd


    This is an outtake from an assignment covering an Equestrian competition. R8/DMR, 180mm f/2.8 Regards
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