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  1. My granddaughter stopped by to visit today. The puppy was so excited - he obviously misses her.
  2. I was looking for a photo and came across these shots of Duke Ellington. Leica M4, 19mm Canon lens (I couldn't afford the Leica 21mm back then), and as always, Tri-x. If you look closely the photographer in the background is also using an M4 I can't remember his name, but I think he was with the Washington Star newspaper.
  3. On an overcast day the thick summer foliage still allows some light to filter through the tree canopies
  4. These are excellent dog photos. It can b a challenge to get goot photos of them with a 28mm lens, and getting down so the camera is at or below eye level would be a lot easier if Leica would give us a fold out rear LCD. Keep them coming please!
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