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  1. I was looking for a photo and came across these shots of Duke Ellington. Leica M4, 19mm Canon lens (I couldn't afford the Leica 21mm back then), and as always, Tri-x. If you look closely the photographer in the background is also using an M4 I can't remember his name, but I think he was with the Washington Star newspaper.
  2. On an overcast day the thick summer foliage still allows some light to filter through the tree canopies
  3. These are excellent dog photos. It can b a challenge to get goot photos of them with a 28mm lens, and getting down so the camera is at or below eye level would be a lot easier if Leica would give us a fold out rear LCD. Keep them coming please!
  4. Unfortunately you are not wrong.....6:30AM is the absolute latest he feels anyone should be asleep, and he is very effective at enforcing the 'all hands' call. He was 6 months old on May 8th - I'm hoping this phase will pass before long. I'll post some Q2M posts of him, hopefully later today.
  5. It's Kali. Little Rauzan comes immediately when he is called in our yard, but he isn't trustworthy enough to be turned loose in the woods. The other night there was a story on TV about bullfighting returning in Spain. Rauzan saw the bull on TV and charged across the kitchen and jumped up on the counter in an attempt to get the bull on TV. All he has to do is see a deer in the woods....So, more obedience training before the little man gets that kind of freedom.
  6. Exploring in the rain this morning
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