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  1. usm


    First time Leica brings out a reduced version which does not cost more ...
  2. There was no recompose, I used a tripod, I think the Summicron is just not the same as a Summilux. Both lenses are the same if stopped down one step. M
  3. Center of first image was the "30" traffic sign, cropped to see a little bit of the fence in the background. Center of second image was the clock in the bright sun, but I think the copper roof tells more. I think I am ok with the result. Thanks.
  4. I'm using the 28/2.8 code from the list and, if you using CaptureOne, I use the Hasselblad 28/4 lens correction -work good. If you use PSD - get the Alpa lens correction plug in. it,s free and has a profile for the PC Super Angulon.
  5. Another one Left: Summieren 35mm, Right: Summilux 50mm
  6. Here we go: Left: Summieren 35mm, Right: Summilux 50mm
  7. That there is more detail in the 50mm is clear - it for showing the difference between full open and 2.0. But the Summicron should be better, or am I too picky? Its not the last version, its from 2007. The lenses + camera were at the CS 3-times in 2018!
  8. Finally the stuff is back from CS: They did a good job on the Summilux-M 50mm ASPH, but I am not sure about the Summicron-M 35mm ASPH. See attached image: Top/Left image: Summilux-M 50mm f 1.4 Top/Right image: Summilux-M 50mm f 2 Bottom/Left image: Summicron-M 35mm f 2 Bottom/Right image: Summicron-M 35mm f 2.8 Is this what is possible with the Summicron? Or should it be as sharp as the Summilux? Can any body share a infinity shot with Summicron 35mm and Leica M 240 - wide open and f 2.8? Thanks! Mario
  9. Thanks for discussion (for these they want to), will report after the CS did what ever with the lens or camera.
  10. The CS wants my gear back again - M + 35/2 + 50/1.4 - lets see ...
  11. Let me explain: Everything beyond more or less 80m is out of focus when the focus ring is set to infinity. It is impossible to turn the ring further. When checking the rear LCD or the (Olympus) EVF I can see that everything beyond 80m is not sharp. Also the red lines, when turning the focus ring, they disappear beyond 80m. About the top right pic: it is focused to infinity, no way to come closer to the tower clock. Can some one post an image with the same settings: Summilux 50mm: infinity f 1.4, infinity f 2.8, infinity f 8 and maybe something closer around 1m with f 1.4? Than
  12. I sent it back because it was not possible to focus correctly: Infinity was ok.
  13. First row = 35/2 Second row = 50/1.4 left column = f 8 right column = f 2/1.4 The 35/2 seems to be ok. With the EVF I can see the "redlines" moving until infinity. With the 50/1.4 it is not possible to see the "redlines" moving until infinity. They disappear after 80-100 meter. All when wide open. Thanks for help.
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