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  1. hi all! i too have the dlux 4 (as well as the M8 but thats another forum!) i too will join depending on rules... for me the problem with limiting post processing is this. some folks work very quickly in photoshop, lightroom etc. others are slower. to put a time limit on it seems silly to me. the post processing of today is the darkroom of yesterday. there are many people on these forums that are having trouble making the transition (yes still) to digital post. sometimes seeing an image processed well is inspiring. inspiring enough to nudge one to try again and become better.
  2. i dont have real audio and i am aware of problems caused by RA. RA has caused problems for macs for years. it seems that there are conflicts with the configs of the wifi with the cable and DSL modems. also perhaps the 2.4gz cordless telephones. since apple has a policy to never say they have flawed hardware (or software) its difficult to get real support from them. some seem to think that the aircards in the MBPs are really the issue. i tend to agree. while on vacation i had the option of 2 different connections because i was in a building that had several that werent password pr
  3. i have the late 2008 macbook pro 15in 2.53 GHZ intel core2 duo. it has a 320 gig drive so that when traveling it can hold alot of images. i had a first gen macbook pro with a much smaller HD 80 gigs i think. i hate the new one. so be careful when choosing. 1st i dont like the glossy screen which is the only choice. its extremely difficult to view images if theres any reflection, which there often is. i dont care for the black frame around the screen its distracting. the new keys on the keyboard are a black plastic that dont feel as nice and the 1st gen MBP and the keys are a t
  4. theres no way im putting a condom on my M8. she would feel far too masculine...
  5. i use LR2. i also have macs. a laptop and a desktop. i like LR2 because i can catalogue and do initial corrections at the same. so. i shoot. then import eveything into LR2, label/rate my images and then keywoord everything. at the end i know which are my best shots, and i have everything catalogued. i also am very careful about backing up. you might take a look at the DAM book. that system has been very helpful to me. hope this helps.
  6. although you can create a border as explained above, please note that LR doesnt support RIPs and printer profiles. so what youre looking at on screen isnt what you will see on paper. photoshop does however show you what you print will look like as well as RIPs. i would make it in photoshop.
  7. hi all! i am currently using adobe lightroom 2. ive been using it to catalogue and post process. ive just tried raw developer, and so far so good. its beeter for me for those trouble images. i know alot of you here use cp1. my question is am i overlapping using the 2, and what are your preferences (if any) using the 2? workflow if you use the 2? problems? tia, melissa
  8. What Jaap said! so happy im not required to understand that in order to make a picture! now that we know its best to go to a good repair person, and that there are a few available do you believe that one should have 2 bodies? if so should one send everything in all at once and have bodies and lenses calibrated together? tia, melissa
  9. (quote) Ideally the Nocti and the 35 Lux should be set up by a competent lens technician, with a very small amount of front focus (about 50/50 or 60/40 behind/in front focus zones relative to the focus point is about right I think). Then any aperture shift will work in your favour. The Nocti, which shifts quite a lot may end up with say 1/4 behind and 3/4 in front. The Lux, if it is working right should aperture shift to the theoretical ideal of 1/3 behind and 2/3 in front. Hope this helps. Alternatively you can send your M8 and all the lenses to Don and he will do all the hard work
  10. hello! i am new here altho ive been reading since i got an m8. for years i shot with nikons (which i still have) but, like most i wanted a leica system. now i have one and altho some problems i love it. i too have some focus shift and i also dont want to send my stuff to solms. i have dealt with tibor @ samys in los angeles. ive brought my camera/lenses in and put my lenses on their m8s. they say thay have never heard of correcting focus shift w/allen wrench. so they wernt much help. anyway thankfully to this thread, i downloaded and tested with the nikon focus chart. 1st
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