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  1. http://diglloyd.com/prem/prot/DAP/LeicaM9/index.html this one costs money ^ but! what i found interesting is that as well as complain about alot of the functions of the m9 he used non leica glass for most photos. in some cases the non leica glass looked better but that was due to critical focus issues. when it came to the nocti the images are outstanding. this review is long and interesting and altho i dont agree with alot of what he says its through. i realized while reading it that the best case senario is to invest in glass. its been pointed out many times on this forum that th
  2. sounds very exciting! cant wait to see all the photos- best melissa
  3. my response was never a crit of you or that photo persay. it was just a crit of a low light situation. personally im happy you posted a low light drive by image. i believe we've all made those kind of images many times. i also dont believe you thought of that/those image(s) as serious photographs. so pls take me off your offended list! best melissa
  4. how is it that i didnt know this??? i am so beyond dumb
  5. what? you have the flu? oh so sry! what would you like? we will take pics for you! what will make you feel better? follow me on twitter- melissalvla u can see my iphone life. best, melissa
  6. oh thx so much! wonderful to see our own bixi treated so well. the way you edited her photos so how reveled (imo) her voice! i have loved her work since day one of her new m9. i only wish you would have included her image of the baby and the airplane. i also love you work and your site! how terrific to showcase leica shooters. maybe not have it be only m9 shooters? m8 is still a grt camera. again thx, melissa
  7. ians daughter is shot in alot of light at a hi iso. petes shot from his truck is shot in low light at a hi iso. petes: even when processed using d-fine it still looks under exposed as well as being too yellow from street lights. too much noise... where as ians has enough info in the raw file that b/w looks grt, and color-corrects look grt as well. if pete had exposed for the shadows would he have produced an image w his m9 that would be so much better than one (exposed properly) with the m8? im asking this because its seems to me that alot of the crappy low light images
  8. i agree with jaap about the blu in eyes. personally i like the over saturated color of the rest bc its a kid! and the colors really suit the subject. andy, i love this little "trick" have you written it as an action? best melissa
  9. you got the iPhone a yr later bc of apples deal w AT&T. Had nothing to do w supply/demand. I too think leica has handled this poorly. I also think some of the leica reps could of been more helpful. The leica rep at Samys told me 9 days b4 launch he knew nothing of it. That day he was at Samys peddling lenses. I was off to Europe so, by the time I returned it was 5 wks later. He didn't want to tell me (or others in LA) bc he wanted to sell me a lens! Go figure. Since tibor et al know I hv what I want lens wise seems to me putting me on a (pretend) list was just good biz.
  10. thank you for this john! for me hands down the nocti. why? because the out of focus area is so fine. the roses w the nocti are so perfectly beautiful i dont even like flower pics except to take them. same thing with ducks! i think the nokton is fine or nice just (for me) not special. btw ive been trying to find a reason to sell my nocti as id like the fast 50mm but no way! sigh best, melissa
  11. noah this work is outstanding! to the mods, i can understand why you might want noah to post in photo forum, but lets be fair and consider his time. traveling, shooting editing and posting. then re-posting? for me i dont care where he posts just as long as he continues to post. also i think that having the images here is more teaching in that we can discuss settings post, and other issues that come up. again some of the best work ive seen here. best melissa
  12. thank you enrico! i will have a look right now! best, melissa
  13. peopleseem to be mentioning your images, but i cant find a link on your posts or your profile. where do i look? dying to see the 40... best melissa
  14. imo, as well all know leica is a small-ish privately owned company. bc of that they can only produce a small amount of inventory. etc etc ect. my only wish is that leica would allow those of us who have bought and registered m8s to be first in line to receive the M9. maybe they could do this by registration date? and im thinking only one camera to a customer until there isnt a back log? best melissa
  15. love it, but might have titled it warehouse sale ;-) best melissa
  16. i think we should merge now, i find i miss more stuff going back and forth that if post gets pushed to page two. please one forum! best melissa
  17. really good, ofcourse we all want to see bigger! so good. you shoot this in venice? on the boardwalk? -melissa
  18. beautiful! when you say slowish how slow? tripod? again really beautiful melissa
  19. well its the aliens ofcourse! i have them too. consider yourself lucky because they only revel themselves to leica shooters. or its what redbaron and nicole said...
  20. love it love it love it! really good, love the design of the layout. for some reason the pages took along time to load and im on a fast connection/computer. but whatever the images were worth the wait. best melissa
  21. melissah

    sacred place

    for me #1 is so strong. love it. melissa
  22. i agree. i think that when digital first came apon us we all decided to re-invent ourselves as different photogs! everything clear and sharp... now after soem time i think alot of people are gravitating back to shooting the moment and that (for me) the images are stronger. i love this image bc it is as you say honest. best, melissa
  23. melissah

    He can smell it.

    bixi! i love the juxaposition of the other person in the mans neck as well as the vantage point! melissa
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