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  1. i think #3 in the 1st post is best. by pulling the womans face into focus with the color youre strengthing the image. she becomes the story. although youve posted and requested comments crits,i would tend to ignore what most of us here say. i say because i think you are still in that tender stage of developing you technique here and therefore might do as we say... im just sayin! best, melissa
  2. melissah


    my kind a picture. dont know why just is. grt post as well. best, melissa
  3. melissah

    Frozen in Time

    i was just going to say to bad it isnt the lakers! a wonderful shot none the less. i love shooting action with a manual camera, or, rather i should say a leica! everyone says im nuts. they ask me why i wont use my nikon... but we know why. when you get the shot with a leica it so good. something about that glass! best, melissa
  4. wonderful colors, and mood! best, melissa
  5. i love the first one. excellent toning. love the content as well. best, melissa
  6. melissah

    Three Eyes.

    love it! soo good best, melissa
  7. that or you dont really think im going home with you now do you? but they were all actually friends. the one with the white t-shirt was a wild skater who happily trashed his elbow in a fall. go figure. the girl is learning and is really fun and funny. ps thx stu i have been learning silver efex pro at the recommendation of many the forum members.hence the B&W best, melissa
  8. melissah


    Oh so funny! I was calling it I got soul but the file is blond...it is called I got soul. I don't know how to change the post! Thx so much guys. This shot is one of the reasons I love London so much. Alittle suprise everytime you turn the corner! Best Melissa
  9. i think theres lots going on here.. best of all i love the difference between the two players. look how differently they dress! ones very natty w/lacoste vest carefully pulled back dreads, the other comfortable in selected hoodie and prefered t-shirt. love this shot and i am enjoying where you are going with the neopan...glad its you shooting/processing/printing film! but not serious chess? lol you really are funny! best,melissa
  10. melissah

    The Wall

    i too like them because they are the same. wonderful best, melissa
  11. melissah


    from london series best, melissa
  12. i still have most of my old cameras. so ill answer as most commonly used, d-lux4 and my iphone g3s. i love my iphone and ive put down the m8 to take an iphone snap bc i can upload it to the web instantly. best, melissa
  13. lovely! looks like a very good year. you seem to be a person of peace. best, melissa
  14. simply put Adobe RGB is your friend. when you have a raining afternoon you can spend several hours reading about color space and gamuts. and then you can knowingly select Adobe RGB. until then just do it as well as always shoot raw. then when youre ready to do serious processing/printing all your files will be as they should be. also remember to do proper color settings in photoshop. best, melissa
  15. melissah

    The Study

    theres something about this i just love. the blownout area in the big photo and the 3 guys. really good. best, melissa
  16. ahh! so you do shoot people! and quite well i might add. i love this... best, melissa
  17. a perfect example of its the photog, not the camera. i think we all forget that sometimes. this is stunning. i too would love to know your post process, if you care to share. bext melissa
  18. melissah

    Cool cats

    1 &2 love these. really beautiful. so hard to get kids this age to revel who they are. you got them! best, melissa
  19. there is a weather competition going on...this looks like it belongs there! excellent! melissa
  20. is it the little walking hand from the addams family? charles addams nyer mag. for many years... maybe? ps:stu keep teeling us were too young to remember as opposed to the other reason we might forget! -ask barb, she'll confirm. best, melissa
  21. love this! really sweet. best, melissa
  22. hi pete! do you mean weather from any time of the year? do we post our pics in the thread? best melissa
  23. et? tinkerbell? i dont know but i love the image. hardest time of the yr. not to be in nyc! best, melissa
  24. melissah

    The Arrival

    i love this ben. everyday you (and stu) make me miss nyc. i lived there for 12 yrs...
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