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  1. this was from summer. pt of beach series. i dont know why its so dark. i converted to sRGB as was instructed. hummm -melissa
  2. oh i love this! amazingly she is looking at his shoes! silly girl/rabbit... best melissa
  3. i agree with ben! a huge step up. great selective focusing. i also agree about using B/W but i think the color and light in this image is special. the subject is warm while the bkgrnd is very cool blu. all in all cant hurt to make a B/W just for fun and our entertainment! best, melissa
  4. ty all for your remarks. as everyone here knows as you get deeper into a series the less objectivity you have. well maybe that applies to only me... im not only going after the skate culture in venice, im looking at whats going to happen to these people. many are borderline street kids barely hanging on to a normal life-school etc. being able to show photos here keeps me in the right direction. best, melissa
  5. these are really good, an honest portrait. best, melissa
  6. ok finally figured it out, i had my country as UK. as much as i love it there...too wet! thank you andy for organizing this. best, melissa
  7. that lens looks alitte dustyhttp://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/images/icons/icon12.gif
  8. this isnt getting enough love! melissa
  9. Absolutly love this! Print big and hang! You'll laugh everyday. Melissa
  10. melissah


    Love the choice of focus point ur such a fine craftsman. Be proud everyday. Melissa
  11. Terrific shot. Photography put to one of it's best uses. Melissa
  12. melissah

    Lit up

    This one is really good. I love where you're going with these. Melissa
  13. humm, well i donated 30 gbps and will send my submissions later. i dont see my name up there and the little blue box where everyone put there comments never appeared to me. andy when you get time and can track it for me please let me know. to everyone else this is a good charity. please give what you can. i think the book is a wonderful idea and i see no reason why we cant do more projects like this in the future. best, melissa
  14. i so love the negative space in the shots made on the manhatten side streets. the light in this is so lovely. best, melissa
  15. ohh the tree. the tree! sigh. i really miss nyc now! ive been wishing for the tiffany star from you... best, melissa
  16. i really like how in 1 the vendor is checking out the girl. best, melissa
  17. im going with 3 something about it. best, melissa
  18. id like alittle more contrast. love love the shards of ice. best, melissa
  19. i too am taking path number one. best melissa
  20. melissah

    Christmas list

    i love this. i think you and your family will love this forever. it will have a different meaning over time. best,melissa
  21. great! now youve found a way to be shooting 24 hrs. straight! do you ever sleep? you put out so much work! another good one! best, melissa
  22. really sweet! best, melissa
  23. melissah


    oh love her! i jus want to pet her, but, unlike the others i can tell shes been very bad! its a look my dog gets when shes in trouble. best, melissa
  24. an excellent shot in every way best, melissa
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