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  1. melissah

    Where is He ? ...

    grt composition. you can hear is thoughts, hence the title! best, melissa
  2. melissah

    For Diane

    where her spirit and her subjects remain... did you know that when she studied with lisette model that ms. model had her (and the rest of the class) shoot for like 3 months in winter with no film in the camera... amazing how styling this lady is. you bring the dignity out in all. best, melissa
  3. love the B&W and i think its much stronger w/o the 3rd person. dont you? best, melissa
  4. i love your top looking down shots so far. i agree with ben B&W please! and maybe crop the third person out? i want to make sure my eye travels to the ball and stays there. best, melissa
  5. melissah

    No caption

    gorgeous...the hair, the grain, the guy in back! best, melissa
  6. melissah

    No caption

    Kay i love the simplicity and the white! white cig, and glasses. best, melissa
  7. melissah

    Doing it.

    bixi how do you make your home look so french? i mean this in the best possible way. so lovely every element everytime. im coming over for dinner. before we shall go out for a shoot! best, melissa
  8. thx guys. its not to dark on this computer just my desktop... it was at sunset so its really golden. i agree virgil with you about the tones. its printing fairly well i will mess with it again tomorrow. i love your B&W results, are you using nik software for B&W? have you ever posted about your pp? as for content. he was so creepy. if you look closely he is completely vapid. he was so disturbing to me. she was yes, uncomfortable. i hadnt thought about embarrassed but its so obvious she is. best, melissa
  9. what a fabulous shot paul! really funny and perfectly graphic. best, melissa
  10. melissah

    weaving weaving

    kitchen towels? i encourage her to re-think that! maybe a runner on the table or hang on the wall. weavers! yeesh. best, melissa
  11. i like this one as well. i so liked the color ones that i thought when viewing the color ones that they wouldnt work in B&W. but this is great! bst, melissa
  12. i love that store and i would love to have that outfit! perhaps i could stay home and edit in it? good catch. best, melissa
  13. melissah

    green chairs

    heathrow never looked so good. love the color and the angle... best, melissa
  14. robert, its so perfect for holiday! great capture of the bus, love the sign for a christmas carol in the Bg. best, melissa
  15. melissah

    Nature morte

    ohh lovely! best, melissa
  16. melissah


    i agree with stuart ! best, melissa
  17. love the 1st one! best, melissa
  18. grt motion... best, melissa
  19. one of the most interesting shot of people i would have passed up. really good. the juxaposition of the two makes me take a second look. ben on it as usual! best, melissa
  20. melissah


    no way! love this. ofcourse i want to see this in B&W i think its so different. best melissa
  21. love seeing these. i just saw a documentry on the sewing district and the ladies gament workers union. at the end they do decade by decade showing how much clothing is american made (and there fore nyc) by the end all in made in china. youve proved the point. best, melissa
  22. melissah

    Heavy Load

    ugh cold, heavy bags, stairs... i feel her just trying to get through. than once home unpack it put it away and then cook it up. and tomorrow? rinse repeat. good shot. best, melissa
  23. so unlike you! id put it on the website...on second thought maybe not. no need to start a quarrel. i love how sneaky this photo is and i love how open she is. if she opens her eyes and sees you does she see herself? love it! best, melissa
  24. the song, christmas is coming the goose is getting fat. please put a penny in the old mans hat... has been going through my head ad nauseam. i mean it wont stop! now this! how did you know? grt shot. love the light on the accordian. best, melissa
  25. lol-grt! really funny and odd-love odd! best, melissa
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