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  1. the two drummers drumming while the girl dances. after she was done with her dance she very politely said thank you to the drummers, shook their hands and left.
  2. they all come to watch the sun go down and dance or whatever.
  3. melissah

    My back yard

    wow! so beautiful. just wow. best, melissa
  4. how did i miss this! lol best, melissa
  5. melissah

    c s d 1

    i too want this machine. i have no idea what it does or where ill use it, but youve sold me! best, melissa
  6. not to be rude but, ha ha ha! best melissa
  7. melissah

    Square Sex

    BOYS! that is not a camel toe... but its very close! lol really good shot love the b/w you are so not afraid of light. love it. best, melissa
  8. melissah

    Roger Roger.

    say hes back. grt composition, really good focus on his eye. love the dark shadow dividing him from background. rodgers lucky to have you photo him! best, melissa
  9. every face is interesting. wonderful group shot. best, melissa
  10. melissah


    nuff said is right! best, melissa
  11. melissah


    love it and especially love the newton image and books. beautiful. melissa
  12. melissah


    this is very odd today im looking on the same computer at the same time of evening. now the contrast looks fine. maybe ive simply lost my mind?! best, melissa
  13. bixi read my mind! best, melissa
  14. count me in the group that likes this. its timeless and so is she. best, melissa
  15. im going for #2 as well. good clean shot! best, melissa
  16. the feet that matter arent cut off... lucky that you took your walk home at that precise time. good shot. only crit? id like to see it b/w. best, melissa
  17. melissah

    There She Was

    1st one, and i think this is one of the best examples of your manipulated images ive seen. luscious... everything about it, the color and the content. im guessing a beautiful print? id like to see it really big! best, melissa
  18. melissah


    the difference between the color and b/w is amazing the color? meh. but the b/w has depth and a quiet that permits the viewer to look long. best, melissa
  19. although #2 is better tone wise, i think 1 is prolly more like how it feels? so im saying #1 best,melissa
  20. makes me think of helmut newton. love the quality and the content. best, melissa
  21. what i like about this is you see her about to put the bridle(?) on him and then i think ok, then what? you arent seriously thinking about riding him? are you? agree with ben about oof area, dreamy. best, melissa
  22. the hands say it all... good bixi good! best, melissa
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