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  1. M9, old sensor, 1.202 firmware. Ty
  2. After updating to this release, I can only get srgb for my color space (dng). Before I was able to use Adobe RGB any help? Please? I don't want sRGB. Thx
  3. pretty much meant that. also it will be interesting to see these in print. do you plan on printing them?
  4. melissah

    The Prodigy

    dont know why this didnt get move love, so im bumping it. so there.
  5. melissah

    Soul Sister

    shes wonderful. looks cold out there!
  6. precise is right! nicely done.
  7. melissah

    My Bride

    pretty shot, but i think because the color is a bit yellow, id convert to B/W.
  8. i too am on the fence about the PP. however it seems like you have a vision that isnt quite there yet. i encourage you to keep going!
  9. agree great portrait. he looks happy. i dont understand why so many NYCers look so happy and alive when its so miserable to live there. by this i mean of course the weather etc. although i did look at a house in NJ. so you never know
  10. he could be a friar! hes a lovely face and he seems very neat. it looks like he was very flattered to have his picture taken. hes participating with his presence. well done to bring this out of him. why are people asking if youre ok? are you? were you not?
  11. larry, i just posted in Bens thread that i dont want to shoot film! ugh the processing! but then i look at your stuff from the vintage series and im reminded of the fun of film. in the 90s when i lived in nyc, i would shoot and then at night before the poker game drop off. because my lab was open til midnight i could pick up late. i loved that. by the time midnight rolled around i was certain that the best photo ever taken was in that batch. ofcourse this is color im speaking of, and mostly for work so it was paid for. my labs fees were absurd.
  12. love the color im seeing in this series. i think i would crop this one to the top of the wall. that way my eye goes to her rather than off to the lamppost.
  13. beautiful. film? humm. dont want to process even though i love the look i dont want wet chemistry! love the hands up in the air.
  14. its really love when you have to work to hear one another, well done.
  15. i can hear it, i can smell it. curious as to number of frames you made? love this.
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