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  1. My apologies to the entire forum! i obviously got carried away here. I should simply have said "very nice." And then I too might have been thanked.
  2. Tonally and copositionally excellent! Maybe a cover image for en edition of One Hundred Years of Solitude (G. G. Márquez).
  3. Quite the evocative image, beautifully done! You say "close encounter," but I keep thinking Brief Encounter. This could easily be an outtake from the famous 1945 David Lean film. Where did you shoot this and what were the circumstances?
  4. I like how the angle of the woman's right leg matches the angles the left arm and leg in the painted display. A touch of Elliot Erwitt's whimsy.
  5. For those thinking about water colours on the Isle of Skye (Eilean Sgiathanach), there is generally not a shortage of water.
  6. Interesting composition of shapes and shadows: the "L" and the intersected circle. The feet bring a sense of action to an otherwise static view. The timing is just right there; exquisite, actually. An example of how a scene that might be mundane on the surface can yield compositional elegance such as this.
  7. The circle and the tree are nicely juxtaposed! Nice B&W treatment.
  8. I like the near-monochrome tonality as well as the sense of depth from the repeating shapes and the recession from the light haze.
  9. Atmospheric and moody: you nailed it! I wonder how this would be if you got the figures on the bridge lined up with the bright sky in the middle. Just thinking out loud here.
  10. And to makes things even worse, he's next to a Poundland!
  11. A colourful scene that is very nicely harmonized in terms of the shades. The dominant pastel blue sets the tonal pallete which is nicely complemented by warm tones and neutrals. The various individuals in the scene add grace notes here and there. It makes for a very refined colour composition.
  12. Certainly says summer and your usual rapport with your model prevails. Gosh, I should make more use of my own pre-asph Summilux 50.
  13. Interesting colour of wire with the intertwined vine. (Now say that quickly five times!)
  14. Lifelike! Next time you are in Great Britain, be sure to visit: https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/home-of-charles-darwin-down-house/?utm_source=Google%20Business&utm_campaign=Local%20Listings&utm_medium=Google%20Business%20Profiles&utm_content=down%20house&utm_source=Google%20Business&utm_campaign=Local%20Listings&utm_medium=Google%20Business%20Profiles&utm_content=down%20house Or look up Down House on the English Heritage site if the long URL above is garbled.
  15. We should declare this experiment a success. Now try in evening or morning light when you will not require the ND at all!
  16. As mentioned, you have caught the grit. I like how you include some timeless London scenes, e.g. St. Paul's, with some of the "adventurous" "new" architecture. This series takes me back to the '70s when I lived in London, Tri-X was practically free and Wallace Heaton proudly displayed their Royal Warrants. Occasionllay you might see someone with a tripod using delayed action shutter release: the selfies of the era.
  17. Bare-branch vines from an iconic house. You'll have to lay in a good stock of the '19s when they come out as you were there at the start of the vintage. Great depth in this: nicely done.
  18. Beyond stunning indeed: perspective, textures, details, tones and contrast all superb!
  19. Effective contre jour. Shadows are l-o-n-g.
  20. Capturing the end-of-winter starkness on the vineyard slopes. Good work on that.
  21. I especially like the palm trees. Always happy to be seduced by near-monochrome images.
  22. You have to like the nylon string sound, no matter who plays it.
  23. Tha iad direach àlainn gu léir, as some locals there might say. Translation: they are all lovely.
  24. Welcome! You've certainly nailed creating depth by means of the repeating shapes that go to the far reaches of the beach. A nice sense of colour harmony through the numerous pastel hues. You have just the right amount of clouds in the sky. Nice work that speaks of the quite off-season in some beachfront locale! Keep posting!
  25. I always enjoy near-monochrome moody scenes like this. You made the most of the reflections in still water.
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