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  1. I, too, had the invitation and noticed no changelog on the site. Downloaded and installed; no changes noticed but am curious to know whether it's just L-log (which I'm not really interested in) or whether there are additional fixes or improvements not mentioned in the invitation email. In any case, I'm very pleased that Leica is still issuing firmware for the Typ601. Mine was brand new a few months ago (it really was brand new stock, not just new to me) and it's nice to know it's not being totally left out .
  2. It absolutely is, though. At least with my M240 (and M9 and M8 before that, which I no longer own... how I miss them...).
  3. I'm so glad I started this topic. Once again I'd like to thank everyone for their input - from either end of the keep/sell spectrum and also some in between! All of it very useful. I still haven't quite decided, of course, but I do think now that it boils down to whether I end up feeling I want to take out the Elmarit to get the "28 Elmarit look", or the Summicron. I know, up until now, I have taken out the Elmarit to have its distinctive rendering (focal length aside) and whether or not I end up feeling that the Summicron from 2.8 down is pretty much the same, then I think that's the dec
  4. Thanks Andreas. In your position I would probably do the same. And yes, there's something to be said for waiting (I don't NEED the money right now but I have just cleared out my funds!). That's the good thing about Leica stuff: it holds its value well. This is a very personal decision, I know, but I'm finding the thoughts of others very valuable.
  5. As I said, I wasn't expecting that. Just some viewpoints from others who may possibly have gone through the same decision making process at some point. The comments so far provide me with some balanced views which is more helpful than just sitting here listening to my own thoughts going back and forth. If I'm honest with myself, the reasons I'd use the Elmarit over the Summicron would be those of size and/or weight. But actually, the Summicron is so compact itself that I can't really see that as a valid thing to do. Otherwise, it would be (like my pairs of 35s and 50s) because of a marked
  6. Haha Jeff - you caught me! I was actually looking on the classifieds to see how popular it is now... I've bought and sold on it before but that was years ago and I thought if I decided to sell, maybe I'd ty there first. I spotted an M10 and was just curious. That's my story and I'm sticking to it I have two 50s and two 35s because there is enough difference in their image quality, for each focal length, to warrant them, let alone the size differences. They all render beautifully, in their own way. It's taken me 13 years to get to this point and I know for sure I'd regret selling any one
  7. Hello, I'm fortunate enough to be in the position that I now have two 28mm M lenses: the tiny Elmarit-M Asph. that I've had for a few years (actually my first Leica lens) and now a 2nd generation Summicron-M Asph. (used) - the unusual point being that I didn't have to sell the Elmarit to in order to get the Summicron. The intention was always to sell it, though, as long as I was satisfied enough with the Summicron once I'd tried it out, in order to replace some of the Summicron cost. Even though the Summicron was used, it has left a financial hole which, if I don't sell anything, I c
  8. Yep - although the display is LCD (liquid crystal display), not LED (light emitting diode). Displays that use LCD technology can occasionally bleed with age, meaning that the liquid crystal compound can escape the confines of the display cell(s), leaving black, or blank, areas depending on the degree of bleed and its nature. This applies to any camera or device that uses LCD technology. Both R8 and R9 use LCD. The R7, for example, uses LED for its displays and the difference is apparent. Not better; just different technology. On buying either R8 or R9, apart from all the usual checks
  9. No, to the best of my knowledge this doesn't apply to the R9.
  10. Yes, it does. At least mine does, albeit not quite to the same extent as the pic above. Same side (only) but a little thinner/dimmer.
  11. Too late for my R7, sadly :o( and by the sound of it, the OP's R5, too. I won't ever try to force one again.
  12. As this is an R6.2, where the link between dial and viewfinder display is purely mechanical, you'll be wanting to look into dodgy mechanical linkages. If you're comfortable whipping the top cover off, you may be able to see and correct the problem. If you're not confident at doing this, however, have a competent repair engineer look at it.
  13. My R7 has the same problem. I was using it one day and the d-o-f preview became stiff; stupidly carried on trying with greater force and it snapped internally. This isn't the plastic lever breaking by the way (as is reported elsewhere) but something became disconnected internally. I had it serviced recently (to fix a couple other issues) and was told this could not be repaired as it needs parts that aren't available. I use it now without being able to stop-down and it's no big deal as I don't often feel the need to use it. Having said that, I'll watch this thread with interest...
  14. So you're the one who bought the R8 from Ffordes! I've had my eye on that one for a while but was waiting for them to include pictures of it. Noticed today that it had gone already and seems I missed out - oh well. I'm glad it's all worked out for you. I've only just got into the R system after years of trying to persuade myself not to (wish I'd caved in years ago). Enjoy!
  15. Had mine for nearly 12 years now. Wow. Anyway, no issues apart from a slight mis-alignment vertically, which was fixed perfectly by Solms (as it was then). It was my first Leica and I chose it above the MP at the time. It was a tough choice. It was second-hand but so unused that Leica put a brand new warranty (5 year Passport) on it. I now have 2x MP, M7 and M240 and, if someone were to make me choose to keep only one, it would be the M7.
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