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  1. Many thanks friends. The lenses were brought to repair but the expert who repairs says they are 100% ok , it is not the lenses but the camera has the problem - both lenses have been checked and 100% OK. The problem often appears when the pistons that damp the mirror movement in the R cameras need cleaning. Your 35 mm runs a tiny bit lighter, so the problem isn't appearing with this lens-camera combo. Also depends on the chosen aperture
  2. I tried them with my R4 and R3, and they give the problem with both the bodies as above. I do not have other bodies at this moment.
  3. Dear All, I received two Leica R Lenses today - Leica R 50/2 ROM and 80-200/4 ROM. I tried them with my old Leica R4 and R3 but when I click the shutter, the aperture looks like got stock - looks dark while looking through camera's view finder , it happened with both the R4 and R3 bodies and both the lenses have same problem. But, I put Leitax mount on each of the lenses and use with my Canon body, they work without any problem. A friend of mine thought the ROM version lenses have this issue with older camera but I noticed it is not the case because I used the ROM version of my Leica R 35/2 lens with the old bodies as above and it works fine. I am confused now. Can somebody tell me what the problem could be? Thanking you in advance.
  4. Many thanks Pete. I am going to try all the possible ways suggested as above by this weekend.
  5. I put the SD card in the memory slot in my macbook pro to transfer the pictures to my macbook pro.
  6. No I didn not, I am not good in technical thing at all.
  7. Yes, I have them but not original, they are resized one with 72 DPI to post in the net, original ones are lost.
  8. Many thanks you all. These two are the picutures I lost , here they were posted at my page at Facebook before I lost the original files - and
  9. I was transferring pictures from SD card to my macbookpro. It asked - this fie is already there, do you want to transfer/replace anyway (something like that, do not remember exact language) and I happened to click on yes
  10. I am not talking about my friend, I was talking about you guys (friends), read above all the replies, some of you have written that the picture should be rescued from my laptop, not form SD card.
  11. I appreciate it. But did you read all the replies above? Friends think that it can not be rescued from my SD card but may be from my laptop where I tried to transfer the pictures.
  12. And what if you can not retrieve ? Thanks anyway for your jest.
  13. Unbelievable ~ You use Leica equipment but cannot lay out $99! - I certainly can buy it if I know it helps to solve my problem.
  14. Read above properly what I wrote, do not misread. The software suggested by one of the friends seems not to solve my problem, and hence I am not sure if I should buy it. And don't show your ATTITUDE using the word - Shut Up. Also, Can you GIVE me GUARANTY that the software for $99 solves my problem? You are talking like you are certain that it helps. What I have done here is just posted a questions and thanked everybody for their replies. You need help as you are using the words like shut up. This forum does NOT belong to you privately.
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