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  1. All the above, but make it Parrot proof, still waiting for mine to be returned, the Leica not the Parrot that is. (M eaten by Parrot) Osscat
  2. Can someone explain just what is disturbing, the child is holding onto his finger, my dad had huge hands and it was how a small hand could gain some sense of security while out in the city, and here the child is listening to some - presumably - music on his earphones. Couple that with what looks like a substantial hold-all on the guys shoulder I'd say there is not much to be disturbed about - except the apparent subjective prejudice. I have seen some photos here under the title of City Sickness, perhaps that would best describe the responses. Osscat
  3. I did like mine and the film like grain effect, as can be seen in this photo, gives added value. Osscat
  4. This is a post industrial landscape which at one time produced the majority of the World's supply of Copper and later Tin. It represents my favourite type of Cornish Landscape belonging as it does to a World Heritage designation. In the 1980s the tourist beaches and resorts of Cornwall were promoted in an attempt to offer employment to people displaced by the collapse of mining and its associated industries, highly skilled and well paid work was replaced by mere seasonal opportunities paying the minimum wage. Cornwall was so impoverished following the ravages of the post industrial Br
  5. Evening light bathes the fields where over 150 years ago Dolcoath Tin Mine was in full production. The gable end silhouetted against the white clouds is what remains of the mine workings of Williams Shaft, which at its deepest was 1 Km deep. M - 35mm f2 (1971 Canada) Osscat
  6. From reading the article I believe Ms Knightly was referring to cameras without a viewfinder, in which case I am inclined to agree with her. Its what I call 'arms length' photography, not really fully involved with the subject. Osscat
  7. Not so far West as me John, welcome to the forum from the heartland of Cornish Tin Mining. Osscat
  8. How about this Leica user (from the Telegraph article 100 yrs of Leica) HM Queen Elizabeth ll. Osscat
  9. Love the setting - obviously a craftsman - so much to see in this photo, it would be interesting to know his back story and the history of the shop. Osscat
  10. Window undressed. Osscat (not just any Osscat )
  11. You should know this one Steve from my early photos using Rodinal and TriX rated 1600 asa. It come up well innit? Osscat
  12. My comment was not in favour of flash, natural light wins for me, I do not think flash works here. Osscat
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