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  1. I am really impressed, Tritentrue, what you can achieve with the SL +R Lens combination. I bought the 3,4/180 mm Telyt two years ago when a trip to Amazon came up. Last year I bought the 4/280 Telyt to use it on another trip, which was cancelled. due to COVID. I recently used the 280 in the Peruvian Andes (I live in Peru). Now I am in Germany and close to switch to an L-Mount lens either the 70-200 2,8 from Panasonic or the Sigma 100-400. We took some of the shots in the early morning. which is preferable time for wildlife. So I thought the Panasonic with 2,8 would be preferable even it
  2. Hi Kristyansen, I have a M9 and a MM1. I bought first the M9 and then the MM1 once it came out, because of the higher ISO and to concentrate better on the BW workflow. Once my M9 got stolen I bought the SL 601 and kept the MM1. Last year I bought a used M9 again by various reasons (same battery, colours etc . ). Both of my M have the new sensor. As technology moves on both M lines for colour and BM have been improved considerably with the new models and prices of the M's have come down. You will find a lot arguments for upgrading in the forum-thread. In my opinion this applies more t
  3. Leica SL + Apo Telyt 280mm, Pampa Galeras, Vicuñas in wild life, close to Nasca Peru
  4. I bought a M 8.2. for a very good price for the time the M9 was in repair. I always can sell it with not much loss. It was the best option in my view. I found the upgrade offer not attractive as M 240 is at the end of it´s production cycle M 240 and bodies can be found at very reasonably prices, even with warranty. I decided to skip all current models based on the M 240 sensor, including the 262. Next generation might hopefully have an improved sensor and an integrated EVF. Stefan
  5. I am in a similiar situation, waiting for the sensor replacement on my M 9 while planning a trip where I would like to use my lenses. A dealer offers me a Leica M E at a very good price (new below 3000 USD). So I will go for it. If the M9 comes back I can sell it and keep the ME with two years warranty.Why should I look into the Q when I have various M lenses? It depends on how many M lenses you have of course. I would return the q and try to find a used M , even a M 8. You will not loose money on them, once you decide to sell when your M is back. Good luck
  6. I have an MM since summer 2013. Leica Tokyo changed the sensor right before summer vacation 2014 without me having a clue what the change was all about. I did not bother to ask and assumed that this was just part of the very meticulous customer service in Japan. Traveling in Myanmar in November I noticed the "hair" in the middle of the sensor only visible with aperture below 16. I took the MM to Meister Camera in Berlin in December for sensor cleaning as I was not able to remove the hair with the very basic equipment I had with me while traveling. They confirmed scratch and not dust t
  7. having the summilux for several months now I use it mainly wide open. A very rewarding experience. It actually takes me more and more away from the 35mm FLE. Two shots from Tokyo taken last weekend with the MM. Stefan Herzberg (Stefan Herzberg Photoblog | “In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” – Alfred Stieglitz)
  8. Stefan Herzberg


    Tokyo, Leica MM with 35mm FLE Stefan Herzberg Stefan Herzberg Photoblog |
  9. You should consider visiting Mapcamera in Shinjuku (Tokyo). They have a large selection of lenses and used lenses are in general in very good conditions. I bought several lenses there. (http://www.mapcamera.com) Prices always depend on the exchange rates and where you are coming from. The depreciation of the Yen over the last year made it interesting for me, coming from Europe. Good luck Stefan shashinski.com
  10. Visoflex Telyt 4,8 /280mm with Leica MM at 10.000 and 1/250 unprocessed
  11. under certain light conditions yes. this picture pushed the MM to its max: ISO 10.000 Summilux 35 FLE f;1,4 1/30
  12. The following pics have been shot with the MM at 10.000 ISO yesterday at a festival in Kyushu, Japan (unprocessed). Aperture not recorded, I always try to avoid full aperture.Focussing with the 1,4 magnifier. I own the lens since 1989 and it still holds up very well against the modern asph lenses (35/50) I recently bought.
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