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  1. I once had a Nikkor 24/2.8 into which a tiny (but still surprisingly large) beetle had got between the lens elements somehow and died. Cheaper to replace than repair. Fortunately the only insect life to infest any of my camera gear.
  2. I became personally acquainted with Charlie Kirk years ago in Tokyo. He subsequently moved to Istanbul, where he documented the protests and had to dodge tear gas canisters & avoid police beatings. Don't imagine babying his gear was a high priority.
  3. I have cranks on my MPs and find they're quicker but less comfortable than rewinding with the knob. Personally, I couldn't give a rat about damaging paint or any such aesthetic considerations, and have not found that the crank damaged the paint anyway. Also, my chrome one lost the screw that holds the little chrome knob, and Leica does not offer minor replacement parts like that, so I removed it and don't miss it. Unless you really have to have it, as I once thought I did, it's not worth the money.
  4. Why the resistance to shooting high ISO? I found that Ilford Delta 3200 always produced exceptional results in ambient light.
  5. My goodness, the last time I posted here was on page 75! So much has changed since then, but these remain the same. The Trio by JBAdams, on Flickr
  6. The story of my first Leica has three parts. My very first Leica was a C-Lux 2 back in around 2005, and down the slippery slope I went. My first M was a Leica M6 and 35 Summicron Asph. I later sold it only after having acquired three Leica MPs. Three MPs & five lenses is enough. My first R was a Leicaflex SL2, and almost before I knew it I'd acquired several lenses, followed by an R8 with motor and then an R3 MOT. I'm delighted to have shot plenty of Kodachrome with my Leicas before its demise at the end of 2010.
  7. Lovely camera beautifully photographed. Here's my SL2 . . . 1975 Leicaflex SL2 with 50 Summilux by JBAdams, on Flickr . . . And one of my photos shot with this camera & lens that LFI chose for its 100 years of Leica edition. Pink Cadillac, Harajuku, Tokyo by JBAdams, on Flickr
  8. I have temporary access to a Viso II as part of a 60s Leica kit I'm appraising. I've just tried it on my MP and the prism is a bit of a tight fit, but it works fine.
  9. Congrats on getting an MP. "The pinnacle of rangefinder perfection", as one forum member once put it. Agreed that you are overthinking things. You need to be careful about three things in particular that you can get very wrong with any Leica rangefinder: 1. Misloading the film (already mentioned). Fold over about 10cm of the film leader end and thread it into the three-toothed winding spool. Make sure the perforations in the film engage the winding sprocket teeth. 2. Close the "barn door" camera back and tuck it firmly into the camera bottom when you've loaded the film. Nothing li
  10. My beloved SL2 in its new home after an international move and an overhaul by Sherry Krauter. CLA, new meter, and calibrated for 1.5V.
  11. Buy an MP, a few more lenses, and a Panerai Radomir chrono.
  12. 19th century?!! Mechanical perfection has moved on a bit since then. So has optical perfection. My sensor is upgraded every time I advance a frame of film. No front- or back-focus issues either. Not that I don't lust after an M9, and not to argue that one or another medium is superior, but . . .
  13. I love my MPs, and I'm nothing if not spoiled for cameras, but I've experienced a catastrophic rewind crank failing. Apparently, a screw came loose at some point, and the spring-loaded knob has gone AWOL leaving the spring (coiled around the toothpick). Who knew this could happen and when or where? Another crappy iPhone photo and a trip to Leica Ginza to see if this tiny piece can be replaced for a reasonable sum during the next three weeks while I pack up ten years of life to return home from Tokyo to the future Mrs. JBA. Happy to report that this camera has been otherwise bulle
  14. The only lenses I've tried out by renting from Leica are the 50 Summilux Asph. (turned out to be a bum lens that somebody probably dropped and was too cowardly to admit to) and 50 Summicron, which I ended up buying and subsequently selling because in the interim I bought a 50 Summilux ver. 2 that I vastly preferred. Aside from those, I've bought every lens I've wanted to try out. These include in order of acqisition: 35 Summicron Asph., 90 Summicron Asph., 50 Summicron (subsequently sold along with my M6 to a dame who needed it more than I did), 50 Summilux ver. 2 (a Mandler design and wha
  15. Less talk, more MP porn. Showing brass. (iPhone photo.)
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