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<p>Leica Summicron-M 1:2/28 mm ASPH.</p>

LUF Admin
  • 28 2 9 6 40.8 53 270 46 0.045 75 0.7 011010 3590 4295 2930 http://de.leica-camera.com/Fotografie/Leica-M/M-Objektive/SUMMICRON-M-1-2-28-mm-ASPH http://us.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-M/M-Lenses/SUMMICRON-M-28mm-f-2-ASPH http://de.leica-camera.com/content/download/102675/907722/version/2/file/Summicron-M+28+mm+ASPH+Technische+Daten_de.pdf http://de.leica-camera.com/content/download/102674/907711/version/2/file/Summicron-M28-TechnicalData.pdf Leica Leica M System http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/214061-USA/Leica_11604_Summicron_M_28mm_f_2_0_Lens.html LC282M http://www.dalephotoanddigital.com/_e/Leica/product/799429116040/Leica_Summicron_M_28mm_f_2_0_ASPH.htm http://www.reddotcameras.co.uk/m-lenses/50-leica-summicron-28mm-f2-asph-6-bit.html Summicron / Apo-Summicron sn28_lens
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