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"In 1936 Dr. Knut Kühn-Leitz was born in Frankfurt am Main. He studied business administration with an international focus in Munich and Fontainebleau, and attained his PhD in Marburg .

In 1966 he joined as an executive assistant to Leitz and in 1971 he was appointed Managing Director. He introduced capital goods market research and business planning to the company. With the initiation of cooperation, he met screening for the company. He was preparing in 1972 for cooperation in development, manufacturing and sales of microscopes from Leitz and Wild Heerbrugg AG, Switzerland, which was associated with investing in the share capital of Wild Leitz. In the same year he was in charge of the work agreement with the Minolta Camera Company of Japan. This cooperation ensured the future of the photo division for many years, together with production in the former low-wage country of Portugal.

Later he was transferred to management services of the company. In addition to corporate planning and market research, he worked in the patent department and public relations. After the sale of the Leitz family shares, he was lecturer for corporate planning at the University of Witten-Herdecke (1986-1988) and a partner at a management consulting firm in Dusseldorf until 1996."

Google Translation from Ernst Leitz Wegbereiter der Leica - Heel Verlag GmbH, Königswinter 2006 - ISBN 3898805514