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  • Production era - 1954-1959
  • Code words - DEOOC known as "Chico"
DHMOO - plastic container for "Chico" outfit
DFHOO-15608 - pivoted holder with internal wiring making use of flash cable unnecessary for use with Leica IIf and Leica IIIf.
DFOOB-15609 - pivoted holder w/o internal wiring for use with synch cable
  • Type - Small, metal fan type, folding flash unit for Leica IIf, Leica IIIf with white plastic bracket to mount flash on top of camera.
  • Sync connectors - COONS, CUOOL, CVOOK, DGKOO and MICOO.
  • Reference - Page 95 and 96 of Dennis Laney's Leica 1984 Accessory Guide courtesy of Mike Butkus