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  • Code no. - 22 228
  • Production era - 1974-19??
  • Type
    • Adapter made to adapt R-lenses to a Super-8 movie camera made by Leitz in the early 1970's - Leicina Super. Theoretically, you can use any Leica R-lens on an M-body with the adapter. The number of cams on the R-lens is unimportant, as they serve no purpose when the lens is mounted on the adapter. There are two drawbacks: R-lenses are larger and heavier than M-lenses, but more importantly, you will not have any rangefinder coupling. Ideally, it only makes sense to use wide-angle R-lenses, because of their great depth of field - a small mistake in guessing the distance will not be such a big issue. -doubice
    • R-lenses would not fit the adapter because of the 3-cams and the ROM contacts. The 22228 was made at the time of the original Leicaflex. -petermcwerner
  • Inscription - ERNST LEITZ WETZLAR GERMANY 22228/500934
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