This is a list of recommended Leica repair specialists. If you want to add something to this list please leave a comment.


Leica Camera Inc.

Don Goldberg (DAG) in Wisconsin

Sherry Krauter in New York

John Van Steltin
Focal Point Inc
300 Center Drive
Suite G177
Superior, CO 80027

Steve’s Camera Service Center
4355 So. Sepulveda Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 397-0072


Kindermann Canada Inc.
Attn: Service Department c/o Gerry Smith
3-361 Steelcase Road West
Markham, ON L3R 3V8
Tel:(905) 940-9262


Luton UK

Malcolm Taylor
Herefordshire, UK
Phone No 01568 770542

Protech Camera Repairs, Unit 1
Vulcan House Farm
Coopers Green
East Sussex, UK
TN22 4AT

Optical Instruments (Balham) Ltd
39 Neville Road, Croydon, Surrey, UK CR0 2DS
Tel: +44 (0)20 8664 9799


Shutter Box
1163 Toorak Rd
Camberwell, Victoria 3124
Tel. 61 3 9809 4711


Leica Camera AG
Customer Service
Gewerbepark 8
D-35606 Solms
Tel. +49(0)6442-208-0

Wetzlarer Feine Mechanik
Ottmar Michaely
Niedergasse 41
D-35630 Ehringhausen
+49 (0)6443/833880

Fotomechanik Reinhardt
Katzenwinkel 72
D-30966 Hemmingen
+49 (0)5101-585278

Gerard Wiener
Landwehrstr. 12
D-80336 München
+49 (0)89-595072

Inh. Dieter Paepke
Rather Broich 57
D-40472 Düsseldorf
+49-(0)211 – 98 68 88 0


Will van Manen Kamera-Service
Dorpsstraat 81
Tel. +31 79 316 33 39


16151 Genova
Tel.(PH): 39 010 412237


Victor E. Nasello
Hipòlito Yrigoyen 615, PB “A”
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone (5411) 4343-4076


Latif Precision Works
Phone: 91 033 2249-2265


  1. Don Goldberg (DAG) in Wisconsin, and Sherry Krauter in New York state are obvious recommendations.

  2. Have you got a website or contact data?

  3. Let’s add the first (and probably the best) of Italy

    SAMCA (S.N.C.) VIA DEI LANDI 15 R 16151 Genova Tel.(PH): 39 010 412237

    Gerry Smith and crew offer great turnaround times and can repair LTMs, Ms, and Rs + lens work.
    They are tops !

  5. Endorsement for SRB Luton; they CLA’d a Leica II for me.

  6. The best in my country:
    In Buenos Aires, Argentina,
    Victor E. Nasello, Hipòlito Yrigoyen 615, PB “A”, Phone (5411) 4343-4076

  7. Thanks – keep on posting!

  8. Perhaps can the moderator submit the following repair specialist in Dusseldorf (Germany)!

  9. Malcolm Taylor in Herefordshire, UK. Highly experienced, quick, and reliable – and a very nice person. Phone no. is 01568 770542.

  10. Steve’s Camera, Leica specialists have done great work for me. They service Leica lenses and cameras and also the Epson RD-1. Good communication, accurate quotes, and quality work with quick turnaround. They’re located in Culver City in southern California.

  11. In the Netherlands I can recommend Will van Manen in Zoetermeer, an independent company for repair and maintenance of analogue photo equipment. I had many old lenses and some Leica bodies CLAd and was very satisfied with their performance.
    They operate worldwide. Website:

  12. Another Malcolm Talyor endorsement – plus he can also mill and code lenses.

  13. Steve’s Camera Service Center
    4355 So. Sepulveda Blvd.
    Culver City, CA 90230
    (310) 397-0072

  14. Hello,

    Is there any specialist you recommend in India?


  15. @Kausthub

    To be honest: I have no idea…
    This is a community project – are their any Indian residents who made good experiences with Leica repair?


  16. There’s Latif Precision Works, in Calcutta. Recommendation by Robert Appleby @

  17. Mr Youxin Yue from Massachusets should be in list too.

  18. SOUTH AFRICA. In Johannesburg, the Leica genius is Roger Vieren — he’s in the book.

  19. Any in Malaysia or Australia??

  20. @ David & Tom
    Have you got some more details? Website, address or something?

  21. any Leica repair specialists in Indonesia?

  22. I’ve only dealt with Malcom Taylor in the UK but have to say I’m very satisfied with his work. He’s repaired a Leica IIIf Red Dial, IIIg and a 90mm f/2.8 Tele-Elmarit M Lens.

    His Phone No 01568 770542

  23. Gerry Smith at Kindermann Canada in Markham (Toronto) is first rate. He has done CLAs on 3 of my Leicas as well as 3 lenses.

  24. In Melbourne, Australia, I’d recommend:

    Shutter Box
    1163 Toorak Rd
    Camberwell, Victoria 3124

    61 3 9809 4711

    Had my M4 CLA’d there within 36 hours, SLR sensor clean – John there can do the works.

  25. Hi, too, would add Youxin Ye. I have used his services more than once with complete satisfaction.

  26. @ David & Stan
    Can you provide details about Youxin Ye? I’ll publish them immediately

  27. So far, none of these specialists are “permitted” to work on any of the digital cameras. Is this going to change and when? Seems to me several – DAG and Sherry spring to mind immediately – are fully capable of understanding and performing much of the service if they can have access to the necessary training and perhaps equipment and parts…. I would much prefer to send my M9 to DAG than try to ship it to Germany if anything goes wrong.

  28. Without reservation, John Van Steltin should be listed. He is specialized in lenses and will work all Lecia (and many other names) lenses. His work has been consistently superb. His pricing and customer relations are excellent. He is among the few who will polish and recoat a lens. His business address is:

    Focal Point Inc
    300 Center Drive
    Suite G177
    Superior, CO 80027

  29. I have used Don Goldberg many times over the years and he is the best in repair and charges reasonable prices.

  30. Hi All,

    Any chance to get a contact in Peru? How I’d wish there was one at least. Please post it here or write me at: agotsu [at]

    Thank you

  31. Hi Andreas

    My highest recommendation is F16 Camera Service run by Alan Robertson in Brisbane, Australia. Alan has 30 years experience servicing analogue and digital cameras. He has CLA’d several of my M Leica lenses and has been able to optimise each for use with my M9. Alan has a fully equipped workshop including a Leitz collimator. He does a great job.

    F16 Camera Service 243 Victoria Avenue Margate Queensland AUSTRALIA 4019


  32. Question : I’m living in Hiroshima Japan for the moment. My MP, M7 and 50mm summilux need CLA. Anyone who knows a good Leica expert in Japan?
    Thanks in advance

  33. There is another Leica Mechanical camera repairer in Calcutta,India.His name is Samanta & Sons,at Fakir Dey Lane,Kolkata-12.

  34. 30 years ago, my M2 was serviced in Stockholm. Seems that Mr. Kosnar is still in biz, ref,kamerareparat.html

  35. Protech Camera Repairs, Unit 1
    Vulcan House Farm
    Coopers Green
    East Sussex, UK
    TN22 4AT Tel 01825 732730 Mobile 0771 261 1209

    M bodies and lenses – but no R. I have used them for years and cannot recommend the service from Kelvin and Jo highly enough. If Kelvin thinks it is not a job for him, he will tell you, rather than botch it and charge you for the privilege. In addition to Leica, they will do most major makes and also medium and large format repairs. He will repair digital but probably would not want to touch anything still under warranty.


  36. Essex Camera Services, Inc in New Jersey, USA.
    Quick turnaround, great work and good prices.

  37. In the UK. I recommend Optical Instruments (Balham) Ltd
    39 Neville Road, Croydon, Surrey, UK CR0 2DS

    Tel: +44 (0)20 8664 9799 Fax: +44 (0) 8664 9771


    They can clean and repair all lenses, repolish, recoat, separate doublets and recement. All at sensible prices. They can also arrange repair of cameras, light meters etc. All this work is not just on Leica lenses and cameras. They repair all types of optical components for the military and civilian organisations. They are first class in all they do.

    • Hi,
      after reading this blog’s entry – a thread dating from 2010, I have tried send an email to Optical Instruments (Balham) Ltd / email but it bounced back immediately.
      Does anyone know if they are still in business?
      I’m looking for a EU based company which repair lenses : polish, recoat , separate doublets and recement. All at sensible prices to quote this thread !

      Best, Jean-Marc.


    I put a number of older Leicas in for repair at Steve’s Camera Service in Los Angeles in 2009-10.

    The first group (bodies & lenses) took about 4 months, and all the work I’d requested was not done. I had to wait while things were “fixed”.

    The second batch, all lenses, I dropped off in March 2010, and picked up in August 2010. No work whatsoever had been done on them. All I received were excuses and pleases for “another two weeks”.

    While Steve is a nice guy, I would not recommend Steve’s Camera Service in Los Angleles for ANY Leica work.

    In fact, I’m not at all sure about any camera repairs done there. While I was waiting, a woman came in to complain that the camera she had had serviced before going to Africa on a safari did not work. She could not photograph her trip! I felt so sorry for her.

    The Steve’s Camera response? “It’s your responsibility to check the camera is working before you leave. We don’t have time.” I kid you not, this is what I heard.

  39. In IRELAND repairs/restoration to Leica M & TM film cameras and Lenses.

  40. hi, there is another man “a expert in all mechenical cameras” , including
    ‘leica” — jahangir; , he has a small shop in a big bldg “futnani chamers’ in dharamtalla/esplanade area of , kolkata, behing ‘new market’
    when all fails, he is the last resort, a gem unknowon

  41. In Melbourne, Australia, Adeal (Leica importers) no longer handle repair or warranty work on Leica cameras. Camera Clinic ( are now the official Leica service agents.

  42. At this place I’d like to leave “100 % positive, all 5-stars feedback” to
    Will van Manen and his associate Cathy Kuiper of their Kamera Service company in the Netherlands.
    They have served me several years now and always in a friendly manner!
    I’d like to recommend them for all your problems with anolog camera’s, especially Leica and Canon.
    Gerard ten Dam

  43. Youxin Ye

    Specializes in pre-electronic Leicas, and does fantastic work. Prices are also excellent. I live in the next town over, and was able to watch him CLA my IIIf, where he also replaced the beam splitter and shutter curtain. I witnessed firsthand the care and methodical precision of his service. Really first rate.

  44. Another name to add from Italy : people I dealt with these days, very expert on Leica restoration, including rangefinders optics.

    R & C Service
    Sig. Ennio Calvi
    Via Plinio 40
    20129 MILANO
    tel 0039 – 0229531867
    fax 0039 – 0229513803

  45. David Traynor wrote: Camera Clinic ( are now the official Leica service agents. (In Australia).

    I emailed them twice about a possible repair to an R8 shutter. They didn’t bother to reply.

  46. No repair specialist in France?

    • For France:

      Patrick Planson is retired but can still work on vintage cameras. As said, the the shop is closed so one just has to find his personnal address on the YellowPages, he lives in Villeparisi. Reasonably cheap and nice work.

      Another reputable repair service is Nicorep, whose workshop is in Sarlat.

  47. Mr. Lo Kwok Wah in Hong Kong fixes coating, adjustments, old and new equipment. Someone else will have to supply the contact details as I don’t have it.

  48. Just to add, Will van Manen does do RF adjustments on M8 and M9 and has a lens coding service at very reasonable prices

  49. Will van Manen just repaired my M3-viewfinder which was split, and did an awesome job for a very reasonable price! I warmely recommend to send you camera to the Netherlands.

  50. I can HIGHLY recommend for Leica repair, specifically for older Leicas. Youxin Ye was priced very reasonably, responded to emails very quickly and, best of all, repaired my Leica IIIa (CLA, new beam splitter, and CLA of haze in lens) in about 4 days. Unheard of in this business.

  51. There are several good repairman in France. But the one I am using extensively for all kind of repairs and cla is Photo Suffren, in Paris.

    They cla’d the telemeter and shutter of my Leica IIIc and IIIg, cla’d my nikkor 5cm f/1,4, my summitar, my nickel elmar 50mm, my m39 summicron 35mm, and they are also able to service rollei cameras.

    They won’t touch any electronic more recent cameras, though (M8 or M9).

    This is where I ordered my MP “à la carte”.

    A very good address, aside the very official leica repair workshop in Paris (namely Procirep).

    Photo Suffren
    45, avenue de Suffren
    75007 Paris
    Tel : 01 45 67 24 25

  52. I had a very good experience with Foto Wannack in Hamburg. They have a specialist at hand, who did an excellent job on my M3 (shutter replacement and CLA).
    Neanderstraße 27
    20459 Hamburg
    Tel. +49 40 340 182
    Fax +49 40 353 106

  53. After 10 years repairing Leicas on a part-time basis, Youxin Ye has left his accountancy job and is now a full-time Leica repair technician. He has CLA’d two bodies for me, the most recent being a late-model M2. He does outstanding work at the lowest price in the field and his turnaround time is 2 weeks. Highly recommended.

    Youxin Ye
    16 Fairview Road
    Canton, MA 02021

    Phone: (781) 830-9141

    Web site:

  54. I have used Nippon Photo Clinic in NYC for years. They handle my Leica M6 & M9, along with my Hasselblad. They are half the price of sending your gear to Leica NJ and will turn most small fixes around in 2-4 days.


    Nippon Photo Clinic
    920 Broadway
    7th Fl
    (between 20th St & 21st St)
    New York, NY 10010
    Neighborhood: Flatiron
    (212) 982-3177

  55. For about 40 years I have been well serviced by Camera Clinic (see details below) to service a comprehensive Hasselblad outfit. Recently they have been approved by Leica as the official Australian Service Centre for Leica. Already they have serviced/repaired two Leica bodies and one lens for me. Regrettably, they are not ‘licensed’ to do 6 bit coding yet which causes long delays by returning to Solms. Their service is efficient, courteous and fast.

    Camera Clinic
    56 Easey Street
    Collingwood, Vic 3066
    Ph. 03 9419 5247
    Fax. 03 9417 7628 –

  56. I’ve heard good stuff about LP Foto in Stockholm, Sweden. No personal experience yet, but my M4 is going there soon for a CLA.

    LP FOTO AB, Regeringsgatan 83
    111 39 Stockholm
    Phone +46 (0)8-442 95 70
    Fax +46 (0)8-442 95 79

  57. I would also go on the record as saying that Youxin Ye should be on your list. I think he only handles meterless cameras, screwmounts and m1, m2, m3, and m4’s (and probably MP’s) and I know he just started cleaning lenses as well. He’s outstanding. Everytime I have used his services, I have been completely blown away by his speed, his professionalism, and profoundly reasonable cost.


  58. I agree with Alan Proctor. Avoid Steve’s camera at all cost.

    Youxin Ye is a prince.

  59. Anyone know if this company is still active?
    Tried to email them to no avail.

    Optical Instruments (Balham) Ltd
    39 Neville Road, Croydon, Surrey, UK CR0 2DS
    Tel: +44 (0)20 8664 9799

    Thanks Jean-Marc.

  60. I’ve used Don Goldberg since around 2002 for all my Leica servicing. He added M4 loading and motor drive to my M3. He’s done about 8 screw-mount Leica bodies for me along with my M3 and M4-P. He fixed a FSU Industar 55mm f/2.8 to perfection.

    Right now he has a couple of Canon Serenar lenses for service. Never an issue with his work.

  61. Had my Summilux M 1.4/50 version II 6 bit coded by Will van Manen in the Netherlands. Excellent service and back within 10 days. I can very much
    recommend this adress.

  62. Gérard Métrot near Paris France does repair on analog cameras . I recommend his 40+ years of experience.

  63. Again, Will van Manen and Cathy Kuiper from Kamera-Service in Zoetermeer, Netherlands, have done an excellent job on two more than 60 years old Leica’s M3. The so-called long times refused to work, the range finders were hazy and foggy, the camera’s were dry, but no problem at all for these two experts.
    I’d like to thank them for their beautiful work and I would recommend them for all your “analog” problems.
    5 stars positive feedback on all accounts and full satisfaction, not only now, but already for countless years.

  64. 1) I think sadly, Peter at CRR in Luton, UK may have retired. His website has said no orders currently being taken, for some time now, following the death of his wife.

    2) Alan Starkie at has done some absolutely first class work for me recently: A total rebuild, repaint, re-cover and RF service on a Model III; re-cover of a Model IC; repair on Reid & Sigrist Model III, RF service on a CL. He is about to take on the mammoth task (literally) of a CLA on my giant Graflex Combat Graphic rangefinder. All work done beautifully, on time and on budget.


  65. Sent my Leica IIIG and Elmar 2,8/50 for a CLA to Will van Manen -Kamera service Netherlands , works again like a new one ! Excellent service and very competent , highly recommended !

  66. The Leica address in Solms should be updated to Wetzlar (in my unfortunate experience, good sent to Solms aren’t redirected to Wetzlar).

  67. Update on UK repairers:

    Listed but defunct:
    – CRR Luton (as mentioned by Wilson Laidlaw) not longer taking in repairs
    – Optical Instruments (Balham) ceased trading some while ago.

    Listed but don’t do digital Leica M (even for non- digital adjustments, e.g. rangefinder):
    – Protech

    Not listed but will look at digital M for non-digital adjustment / repairs (e.g. rangefinder):
    – Cameraworks UK, Bury

    Not listed. Will only handle ‘consumer’ Leica, not digital M (although I understand they will clean sensors):
    – Leica Mayfair
    (‘Digital M has to be sent to Wetzlar’)

    Possible contact for repairs (suggested by Protech but unknown if OK for digital M):
    – Miles H. Whitehead, Kent(?)

    *Thus there appears to be a shortage of repairers willing to handle digital M.*

  68. Have just been advised (thanks Les) of this company in Australia, that is no longer in business

    A brief note to let you know that the specialist recommended in Australia for repair/servicing of Leica cameras, viz.

    Shutter Box

    1163 Toorak Rd

    Camberwell, Victoria 3124

    has closed and is no longer in business.

    There are a couple of people in Australia who can service film Leicas, but as their stocks of spare parts diminish (and parts are no longer available from Leica), local repairs are becoming increasingly difficult. Digital Leica and contemporary lenses can be serviced through Leica’s appointed service agents, Camera Clinic.

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