New firmware versions for the Leica CL (v.2.0), Leica TL2 (v1.4) and Leica T(v1.8)/TL(v2.3) are available for download now. The update is offering improvements, new features and bug fixes.

A special thanks goes out to our Leica Forum beta testers!

Leica CL FW V 2.0 Leica TL2 (v1.4) Leica TL(v2.3) Leica T(v1.8)

Leica CL Improvements

  • Programming of setting dial functions: The programming of the two setting dials can now be swapped from one to the other.
  • Button lock: Pressing and holding the left-hand setting dial activates button lock (this does not lock the on/off switch, the shutter release or the left-hand setting dial).
  • Power Saving Mode: If required, the camera can now be set to switch to Stand-By Mode after 10 seconds.
  • Touchscreen autofocus: The AF metering points can now also be shifted with the joystick control in Touch AF mode when using the electronic viewfinder.

Leica TL2 Improvements

  • Selection of LCD / viewfinder settings: It is now possible to select when and where the content is displayed (up until now, display was simultaneous).
  • Customisable left function menu: The items of the left function menu can now be customised by the assignment of up to six of a total of thirteen functions.
  • Extended functions for the Fn button: Now, one of a total of six different functions can be assigned to the Fn button.
  • Settings for the electronic shutter: The electronic shutter can be deactivated, permanently activated or set to complement the mechanical shutter.
  • Focus Peaking in AF Mode: Manual focus corrections can now be applied in AF Mode with the MF-ring. In the meantime, Focus Peaking is available from FW 1.4.
  • Focus Peaking with M-/R-Lenses: Focus Peaking is now also available when using M- R-Lenses with the M-Adapter L.
  • Exposure correction during video recording: The left-hand setting dial can now be used to apply exposure correction during video recording.
  • Zoom-in when reviewing images in the EVF: The right-hand setting dial allows users to zoom in while viewing images in the EVF.

Leica T/TL Improvements

  • Simpler connection between the camera and a smartphone by app
  • Reduction of chromatic aberration for all TL-Lenses
  • Support and auto-update for the Elmarit-TL 18 mm f/2.8 ASPH.


Preparation camera

  • Recharge the battery to 100% and insert the battery into the camera
  • Prepare the SD card for installation:
    • It is recommended to format the card inside the camera
    • Please make sure that the card contains at least 200 MB of free disk space
    • Download the new firmware file to your computer
    • Copy the firmware file to the root directory of the SD card

Installation new camera firmware

  • Insert the SD card into SD slot of the camera
  • Switch on the camera
  • Go to MENU / SETUP / Camera Information / Firmware
  • Press “Start Update” and confirm to start the process
    • The camera will guide you through the backup process of your current settings
    • Please confirm to save your current settings to SD card before proceeding with the update
    • Wait until the update installation is completed
    • Restart the camera; do not eject the SD card
    • Please confirm to load your last settings from SD card during the first startup

The update process is completed.

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  1. Why can’t the TL2 support the new Leica SF C1 Remote Control flash?? Thanks

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