Leica has introduced the firmware update version 3.2 for the Leica SL! In addition to the new ECO mode and the joystick lock there are other minor improvements.

Leica SL Firmware Update v.3.2

Improvements at a glance

AF Position can be locked to avoid unwanted changes

  • New menu item added „Joystick Lock on/off“ New power saving mode
  • New menu item added „Power Saving Mode on/off“
  • This allows the camera to switch off the electronic viewfinder to save battery power.

Support for Leica flashes

  • Support for SF40, future SF60 and SFC1

Additional features

  • New menu item “USB-Mode” allows to use mass storage or PTP USB connection type Keyboard improvements: Missing brackets for the wifi password input
  • Keyboard improvements: Blinking cursor during text input
  • Improved image colour for JPG under some light conditions
  • Manual colour temperature preset was optimized (Setting changed from 6600K to 6500K)
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