Update (28. Juli 2017): Leica has released a firmware update  v.1.1 to fix the EVF problem of the Leica TL2:

Leica TL2 Firmware Update v.1.1

Leica just confirmed on their website: When using a Leica TL2 and and external electronic viewfinder (Visoflex) it is possible that a defect occurs and the camera will stop working. Leica confirmed this on their homepage. If you want to use your Leica TL2 with the Visoflex EVF please contact your dealer.

A firmware fix for this issue is rumored to be released in a few days.

Official statement!

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  1. Mine Leica T and visioflex was freezing as well…bith had to be returned to factory for check and repair, under review for more than a month now!

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