Leica just published the firmware update for the Leica M10 which brings improved compatibility with all SD cards.

About 40 forum members tested the update in a closed beta test. 50 different SD cards of various manufacturers were tested, especially products which caused problems in the past.

The result: Zero complaints! Thus we recommend to install the firmware as soon as possible. You’ll find it in the Leica website’s support area:

Download Leica M10 Firmware

From the official installation instructions:

Improvements of SD card compatibility

Effective immediately a larger choice of SD cards is compatible with the Leica M10.

With the last Firmware, certain SD cards were not recognized, or the complete write speed could not be used with the camera.

The Leica M10 supports SDHC/SDXC cards from 1GB up to 512 GB. We recommend to use cards with write speed 80 MB/s or higher in order not to restrict the cameras performance. In single cases it can occur that the speed, stated by the cards manufacturers, differs from the effective read or write speed in the Leica M10.

Use UHS I cards instead of UHS II. The M10 is compatible with UHS II cards, but does not use the full UHS II speed.

Leica performs ongoing compatibility tests of the latest cards available in the market. We ask for your understanding that due to potential changes in production batches and software of SD cards as
they are manufactured and brought to market, Leica cannot guarantee a 100% compatibility of the recommended cards.

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  1. The instructions about FW update (M10) should have had the following from the net included: “How to Find the Root Level of Your SD Card” for Mac and Windows.
    The step 5.d. how to install “you last profiles from SD card” was not executed. But the installation seems to have been successful after all and no changes have been detected in the camera function.

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