The new firmware update version 3.0 for Leica SL (Type 601) is available for download now. New versions for the Leica Smartphone App and Leica Image Shuttle have been released too. The updates are offering numerous improvements, new features and bug fixes.

Leica SL FW V3.0 Leica APP Android Leica APP iOS Leica Image Shuttle


All Improvements

New top features

  • Up to 35% faster writing DNG files to SD card
  • Optimization of the writing process allows to reduce the time needed for saving DNG files up to 35%. This allows to be quicker ready to continue shooting after a burst session.

Optimized Autofocus

  • MF-/AF-control optimized
  • Autofocus reaction time is shortened
  • Improved AF tracking of objects with SL lenses
  • Improved: Zooming while recording video
  • Improved: AF field chances while recording video
  • Improved: AFc while recoding video

New firmware for lenses is included

  • Improved accuracy of the focus position
  • Improved AFc accuracy if an object moves towards the lens
  • New firmware for the VARIO-ELMARIT-SL 24-90 f/2.8-4 ASPH.
  • New firmware for the APO-VARIO-ELMARIT-SL 90-280 f/2.8-4
  • Bugfixes

Additional improvements

  • Store DNG and JPG on separate SD cards
  • Independent exposure control for video and photo mode
  • New video frame rate 24fps for 4k resolution 3840 x 2160 px
  • White balance ‘flash’ improved for use with studio flash system’s modelling light
  • Electronic shutter mode for shutter speeds from 1s – 1/16 000s for silent shutter release (ISO50)
  • Exposure preview in M-Mode improved for continuous preview
  • Improved usability in play mode when zooming to 1:1 (100%) , location gets stored to easy access the same location
  • Improved flash behaviour for AutoISO setting
  • Improved behaviour of flash units in continuous burst shooting mode

New options for customization

  • Swap the dedicated exposure controls of the front and back dial
  • Current control setup of the front and back dial is shown on the top display
  • Renaming from T-Mode into S-Mode
  • New option for AF Tracking “RESET”: Start position of the AF tracking is fixed on a specific location which can be adjusted by the joystick.
  • Graphical User Interface of the multi selection and delete functions improved
  • AE-/AF-Lock Button can be assigned to magnification for a quick visual check of focus position
  • New option to show the focus distance in feet or meter
  • Automatic detection of Leica M and Leica R lenses can be turned off
  • Video resolution/framerate can be assigned to the personal favorite menu
  • User experience increased: the “OK” button on any keyboard input screens is touch sensitive
  • Audio in/out levels can be controlled directly by left/right joystick on the histogram screen
  • Several minor improvements made on graphical user interface
  • New default behaviour: the function “Access menu in EVF” is enabled by default. This function enables the upper left button while looking through the electronic viewfinder. Either menu access and quick access to custom functions is available now by default. For users experiencing accidental presses of the upper left button by their nose – it is recommended to disable this function in the “Customize Control” menu.


  • Any shutter speed limitation for any manual focus lens is deactivated
  • Improved stability for tethered shooting with Leica Image Shuttle 3.6
  • If an USB connection is detected by the camera, the warning of a missing SD card is hidden. This allows to use Leica Image Shuttle and Adobe® Lightroom® Plugin without an inserted SD card.
  • For Leica M and Leica R lenses the real-time display of the established aperture is hidden

Leica SL APP

  • Support for DNG file download
  • Shutter release by pressing the volume button
  • Vibrate on shutter release
Leica SL FW V3.0 Leica APP Android Leica APP iOS Leica Image Shuttle


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