Only a month after the release of the Leica M10, the German camera manufacturer has published a firmware  version In addition to improvements in usability and stability Leica has also fixed some minor bugs.

Leica M10 FW v. Download

Here an overview of all improvements:

  • The color-coding of the SD-Card and battery status bars has been changed.
    The color of the status bar now changes from green to yellow to red as the battery is depleted or the SD card is filled.
  • Two favorites pages allowed
    It is now possible to choose up to 15 menu items for the favorites menu. If more than 7 are chosen, a second favorites page will be automatically added.
  • Quick access to the main menu and page-by-page scrolling using the menu button
    Pushing the menu button while in the last page of favorites will open the first page of the main menu. It is possible to scroll through the main menu page-by-page using the menu button.
  • Auto Review Screen Target selectable
    In the menu item EVF/display control it is now possible to choose from “Auto”, “EVF” or “Display” to determine which screen the Auto Review function uses by default.
  • “M-ISO” can be accessed directly from the favorites menu
    In “Edit Favorites” it is possible to enable a shortcut to “M-ISO” for the favorites menu
  • Shorter blackout time after capturing in Live view
    The time when the Live View stream is interrupted after a picture is taken is significantly shorter now. This is most noticeable when Auto Review is turned off.
Leica M10 FW v. Download

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