Leica has published the Leica Image Shuttle v.3.3 Mac OS X software which supports tethered shooting via USB with these cameras:

  • Leica S (Type 007)
  • Leica S (Type 006)
  • Leica M (Type 240) – with multi functional grip
  • Leica M Monochrom (Type 246) – with multi functional grip

The version can be downloaded for free in the Leica Owners’ Area.

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  1. I have an online store and use my M240 to shoot studio products (fabrics), and it would be convenient to tether the camera to the computer. I wonder what experience others have had with the multifunctional hand grip, and if it really works. Pros? Cons?

  2. LIS 3.5 controls MF Handgrip camera control works with M246 & windows 7 64 bit OS – not tested all functions. Should the LIS 3.5 show a live view image in the software or not ?


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