All Leica cameras are now supplied with a licence for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6. The owner only has to register his camera on the Leica homepage and can then download the latest version of Adobe Lightroom for free.

Caveat: The attached Lightroom version 6 is not the rental version Lightroom CC 2015, which has a larger range of functions.

» Lightroom CC bei for $9.99 per month

» Lightroom CC bei Adobe

Here is the official Leica press release:

All Leica cameras purchased as of now are supplied with a licence for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6, the latest version of the powerful, professional image editing software from Adobe. You can download the software free from the Leica website as soon as you have registered your new camera. Lightroom 6 is universally considered to be the best and most professional image-processing software on the market. With Lightroom 6, owners of Leica cameras have access to a fully integrated workflow solution for managing and optimising their photos and publishing them on desktop and mobile devices.

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  1. L. S.
    Leica D-Lux purchased last week.
    Try to find the promised free download, but can not find the free link.

    please help me
    ‘m Very disappointed

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