New Leica Fotografie International is available: With an article about the sensor corrosion problem of the Leica M, a documentary about french troops in the Central African Republic and  more.

LFI Topic Overview

  • en_lfi_02_2015_03Books: Lenny Kravitz releases his first book “Flash!” full of portraits of fans taking his picture.
  • Talking with: Marion Hislen speaks about the purpose of images in life.
  • Reportage: French photographer Edouard Elias documents missions carried out by troops in the Central African Republic.
  • Portfolio: Photographer Lorenzo Tugnoli and author Francesca Recchia offer another perspective on Afghanistan.
  • Project: Manuel Uebler spends five days running a photography workshop in the Antarctic.
  • Leica world: Leica’s sister company, CW Sonderoptic, has built a PL to M adapter that connects Leica M to the world of cine lenses.
  • Leica world: The Leica 72. The spirit of the fifties: Leitz’s experiment to test the viability of a half-frame format.
  • Leica world: Leica deals with the problem of corrosion on the sensors of the M9, M-E and M Monochrom, with fairness and research.
  • Essay: In the second part of „Documenting America“, Danny Wilcox Frazier takes us to the Great Plains of North America.
  • Leica Classics: Monique Jacot is one of the few women who have had a decisive impact on photography in Switzerland.

LFI: Online or Newsstand

The new LFI 2/2015 is available online or at the newsstand for 6.50€.
Short trailer for each issue can be found on Youtube and Vimeo. Have fun!

The trailer for the documentary “The Foreigners” by Edouard Elias:

Short Glimpse Into the New Issue

LFI 2/2015 Table of Content



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