Do you still search for Christmas gifts or ideas for your own wish list at the last moment? We have collected a list of useful and witty accessories for photographers!

Polaroll – Toilet Paper Holder

Very good for a laugh on the Christmas table: A toilet paper holder in Polaroid look.
With only $30 a great gift for instant photo-nostalgics.

Amazon about $30

003-gizmon-iphoneGizmon iPhone Case in Leica Look

The iPhone case by Gizmon gives smartphones the vintage look of analog screw mount Leica cameras. The cases are available in different designs and with a variety of accessories.

Amazon about $30


Geschenkideen Leica M8 KissenbezugVintage Leica M8 Pillowcase

A true gift for fans of the Leica rangefinder camera: A pillowcase with Leica M8 print. But the expected delivery time is more than 15-21 working days, because the stylish covers will be sent from Singapore. So no Christmas present for this year, but maybe a birthday gift?

DaWanda about 18,90 Euro

smal_photo_studioSmall Photo Studio

Not in the mood to take pictures outside in the cold? With a small lightbox you can create your own small studio.

Amazon about $42


010-adobe-lightroom-5Adobe Lightroom 5

A good and cheap alternative for the complete Photoshop package is the new version of Adobe Lightroom 5. With the latest update v5.7 the software has also become attractive for earlier Apature or iPhoto users: A new function imports the photo catalog of the former competitors.

Amazon about $112

001-gi-colorchecker-passportX-Rite Color Checker Passport

Photographers who want images with proper color reproduction have to calibrate the white balance. With the Color Checker Passport you can achieve good results in digital post-processing quickly.

Amazon about $90



instant_labInstant Lab

Speaking of Polaroid – On Amazon you can find an instant handy photo printer.


Amazon about $188

014-leica-ringLeica Fingershot Ring

A Ring for true Leica-Fans: It is made of Sterling silver and shaped like a Leica M3.


Florian Huhoff about 190 €


prince_street_ona_4Camera Bags for Women and Men

In terms of camera bags ONA has a wide choice of different models. Currently, there are stylish ONA bags for women for $349 and for men for $269.


ONA bags at Leica Store Miami


012-en-softboxesSoftbox Lighting & Boom Hair Light Kit

Photo lamps with softbox are really practical for a small private home studio.


Amazon about $130


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