Here are the winners of the 11th Leica One Challenge and Night Challenge of the Leica Forum. This year’s competition took place in Istanbul – the Pearl of the Bosphorus, city between two seas and two continents.

Istanbul One Challenge

One Challenge Winner - Pete Farnswoth
One Challenge Winner Picture by Pete Farnswoth

Many congratulations to Pete Farnsworth – username farnz – who has won this year’s One Challenge with 65 points and his amazing photograph “The Butcher’s Boy”.

He is the clear winner followed by Nick de Marco and Jonathan Slack (jonoslack) and gets the €270 prize money.

  1. “The Butcher’s Boy” by Pete Farnsworth with 65 points
  2. “Old white beard” by Nick de Marco with 37 points
  3. “Waving at the Grand Bizarre” by Jonathan Slack with 33 points

All images can be found in the One Challenge picture thread which is also open for more discussions and congratulations.

One Challenge winner pictures:

Istanbul Night Challenge

The Night Challenge in Istanbul was won by Nick de Marco with his picture of a turkish street vendor.

  1. Nick de Marco with “Street vendor at night”
  2. Dagmar Dannat (dagmar) with “Gülhane”
  3. Richard Weathered (semrich) with “Untitled”

Other contributions can be found in the picture thread.

We thank all contestants for their great work and look forward to the next Leica One Challenge taking place in Vienna next year!

Night Challenge winner pictures:

What is the Leica One Challenge?

The Leica One Challenge is a competition in which Leica Forum members meet in a different European city every year. Each participant has only:

  • One camera
  • One lens
  • One film (or 36 digital images)

And two hours time to take pictures for his contribution – only one shot counts. In evening the Night Challenge starts with same rules.


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  1. Not ‘Grand Bizarre’, surely, but ‘Grand Bazaar’?

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