emo_leica-m-edition-60_frontIn celebration of the 60th anniversary of the legendary Leica M, Leica Camera introduces the limited special edition „Leica M Edition 60“. The set includes a Leica M-P (Type 240) and a Leica Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH., both special versions created by Audi Design.

Though the camera has the inner workings of the Leica M-P, the handling was changed radically: It has no display – the photographer can change only the bare functions required for digital photography: shutter speed, aperture, focusing and ISO sensitivity.

The „Leica M Edition 60“ will be available from Leica Stores and Boutiques starting October 2014, the German price is 15,000 €.

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Concentration To The Essentials


Like the also introduced Leica M-A and the Leica Monochrome the Leica M Edition 60 stands for basic principles of Leica’s product philosophy: Concentration To The Essentials.

If you give up the glance to check your last shot and have no need to walk through your camera’s menus, you get an experience like in the good old silver-based photography – without sacrificing image quality of a digital M camera. To get most out of the images shot with this camera, it shoots only in DNG.

Limited Edition as Trial Balloon

If we look back, the Leica M-A also was introduced first as part of a special edition. Perhaps the LEICA M Edition 60 is also an attempt to watch the market acceptance – and to offer it later as regular camera. This already worked for the Leica M-A…

Limited Edition Of 600 Worldwide

But don’t let’s speculate about future cameras, here is some information about the edition model:

It was designed by Audi Design, it’s made from stainless steel and has a special anthracite-coloured genuine-leather trim. It’s limited to 600 sets worldwide. Cameras and lenses feature unique matching numbers between 001/600 and 600/600. The M-Cameras also bear the engravings ‘Leica 60’ and ‘Leica Camera Wetzlar’. The special edition includes a camera protector.

Leica M Edition 60 Forum Discussion

The essence of photography: the LEICA M Edition 60
Special edition for the 60th anniversary of the Leica M rangefinder system

This year, Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar, is celebrating two special anniversaries. At photokina 2014, the focus of the celebrations will not be exclusively on 100 years of Leica photography, but also on the 60th anniversary of the legendary Leica M rangefinder system.

The first Leica M-Camera to possess the unique characteristics of the Leica M-System was the Leica M3, presented in 1954. A camera distinguished by absolute mechanical and optical precision and a focus on the essential parameters needed for photography. A camera with functions that clearly placed the skills of the photographer in the foreground rather than any special features the camera offered. Continuously perfected over six decades, these unique characteristics, today in combination with the latest technological innovations, still differentiate the current Leica M models from other cameras.

And now, on the 60th anniversary of this legendary camera, Leica Camera AG presents a commemorative limited edition: the Leica M Edition 60. The set consists of a Leica M-P digital camera (Type 240) and the fast Leica Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH. lens, both in special versions created by Audi Design that pay homage to the essence of photography and carry it back to its origins.

Reduced to only the essential camera features, the Leica M Edition 60 is the first digital camera to concentrate exclusively on the bare functions required for digital photography – shutter speed, aperture, focusing and ISO sensitivity. This is also the reason for the replacement of the camera’s display with an ISO selector dial. For reasons of quality, exposures are saved as raw data in DNG format. Working with the Leica M Edition 60 intentionally demands the same care and attention as working with an analogue model. Only the sensor and the entire electronics reflect the state of the art of contemporary camera technology.

With the Leica M Edition 60, photographers compose and frame each subject in the viewfinder, set the aperture and shutter speed and press the shutter release at the decisive moment. Instead of the constant distraction of technical features and the checking of menu settings and controls, they enjoy the freedom to concentrate completely on their subjects. With this concept, Leica is once again the synonym for an art in which technology plays a role subordinate to the essentially creative aspects of photography.

In addition to these unusual features, above all the exceptional finish of the products is an outstanding aspect of the Leica M Edition 60. Here, stainless steel – a material that is extremely difficult to work with – has been employed for the visible metallic elements of the camera and lens. Resistant and durable in equal measure, this material guarantees enduring value preservation and lends the products a refined character with a silky sheen. The premium look is further complemented by special anthracite-coloured genuine-leather trim applied to the camera body.

Strictly limited to 600 examples worldwide, the cameras and lenses of the Leica M Edition 60 feature unique matching numbers between 001/600 and 600/600. The M-Cameras also bear the engravings ‘Leica 60’ and ‘Leica Camera Wetzlar’. The special edition includes a camera protector, also created by Audi Design.

The Leica M Edition 60 will be available from Leica Stores and Boutiques starting October 2014.

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Andreas is Photo Engineer and lives in Bonn, Germany. He runs the international Leica Forum, the Systemkamera Forum (about CSC cameras) and the Fuji X Forum. Google+


  1. I’m waiting for this for years… but not at that price range… i’ll wait for a standard edition !

  2. At last! But EUR 15,000? There they go again. And why would Leica after asking 600 people to part with that sort of loot then turn around and sell it for normal M prices? It isn’t even gold plated. Such a shame, would have bought one in an instant.

  3. How does the EVF function with this model?

  4. There’s no button for automatic digital zoom, useful with the EVF. Is it still an option?

  5. Maybe I’m too old-fashioned but … while I know everyone carries their iPhone around in their hand, doing so with a 15K Euro camera seems kind of … conspicuous, if not risky. Where does the neckstrap attach? I see no strap lugs on the image accompanying this announcement post.

  6. I would love one and I hope Leica sell the body in the standard format ie not Audi designed and I would certianly consider buying one.

  7. Leitz have a long history of selling ‘oddball’ cameras. Take the 1C, 1F, 1G and the MD, MDa and MD2. The latter trio forming my own ‘mini’ collection of Leicas. The comment about EVF is in error: there is no EVF, only a direct vision finder with built-in rangefinder. I’m as amazed as all of you that Leica have introduced this variant, sans screen, I can only assume they are striving to retain Market share by introducing cameras with something different.

  8. Why did they put the opportunity to see if you have captured the decisive moment in the first place? It is important because the memory capture that moment with a eight of a second after that you pressed the release for the decisive moment. There were no delay with the film camera.

  9. Ryck Lent makes an interesting remark about carrying a 15K Euro camera about, however (1) we Leica shooters are very discreet with our cameras, it’s in our nature & (2) while every Joe recognises a big plastic DSLR, who notices a Leica? I have a 1935 model 111 that slips into jeans pocket with a 3.5cm f3.5 Summaron focused for Hyperfocal distance. Hand-held, my fingers curl round it. Henri Cartier-Bresson mention that it fitted into his hand and became the extension of his eye.

    Anders Ostlund mentions no delay with the film camera. Did Anders know Leica were introducing a film camera – the MA? This is the best news ever!
    Once again, Leica lead the way and singlehandedly bring about a great revival of film. They are even giving away a roll of Kodak Tri-X with every MA body!

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