Light and fast – The current LFI issue contains an article about the Summicron-S 100 mm f/2 Asph, a telephoto lens for medium format Leica S-System. But there are none information of release date, price or as an official press release from Leica.

Fast Tele with a Wide Range of Usage

2014-08-06_summicron_s_100_2The construction contains 7 elements in 5 groups, including a double-sided aspherical element and three lenses with anomalous partial dispersion.

The 100 mm covers the telephoto range, should be suitable for portrait, beauty and nature photography and is optimized for skin tones.
With a maximum aperture of f/2, it is perfectly suited for available light shots and shows excellent image quality at the closest focusing distance, according to LFI.

The Summicron-S 100 mm f/2 is sealed and protected against water and dust.

It is uncertain, when the new lens will be officially introduced by Leica – but it should not take long.

Basic Information of Summicron-S 100 mm f/2 Asph

Product name Summicron-S 100 mm f/2 Asph
Lens construction 7 elements in 5 groups
Angle (diagonal / horizontal / vertical) 29°/24,7°/16,4°
Closest distance 0,7 m
Dimensions (length x width) 102 x 91 mm
Weight 910 g


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