lpp-teaserLeica Camera plans to offer an additional Leica Protection Plan for Leica products – and needs your help!

Leica Protection Plan – Which Service To Include?

The existing warranty could be extended and further risk could be covered. To make Leica customers an attractive offer, we would like to know your needs and demands on such a service.

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If you have ideas or suggestions regarding the „Leica Protection Plan“, the survey has an extra option to leave a comment. for further discussions we have opened a dedicated thread in the Leica Customer Forum.

Thanks for your help!

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Andreas is Photo Engineer and lives in Bonn, Germany. He runs the international Leica Forum, the Systemkamera Forum (about CSC cameras) and the Fuji X Forum. Google+

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  1. For many years I ran a photo copy business with my M-6 and a Visoflex for a local photographer who couldn’t perform this type of work. I mounted the M-6 on a standard copy stand just like the Leica copy stand #70,220 with #70,000 and 70,020 attachments. This made a GREAT copy system.

    Today I continue to run my copy business with my M-9 that I purchased new in 2011. However, when I mount my M-9 on my copy stand, the menu screen is displayed upside down. If I turn the camera around, now the shutter dial is not visible.

    Please, Please, add a function in the firmware to invert the menu image on the screen so we who use this rig for copy work can use the M-9 on a standard copy stand. Thank you very much. Robert J. Vaughan

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