Protective case made out of one piece: Miniot has presented a robust Leica T Case with fine wooden finish. It will be available in July, the price is not known yet.

Fine Protection for Leica T

Leica T CaseThe Dutch manufacturer Miniot has unveiled a wooden case for the Leica T.
Like the camera the protector is made out of a single piece. According to the manufacturer a high-precision carving method guarantee a perfect fit and a secure grip. In addition, the case is extremely light, thin and durable.
The installation works similar to the Leica T-Snap – simply click on the camera

Another special feature: Each piece is unique and different in grain and structure. In addition, multiple thin layers of varnish give the case a durable finish, shielding the wood and enhancing its luster. If desired, you can also give the case a personal touch by engraving your own name, logo or a small image.

In July the Miniot case will be available in three different wood species, at and through selected dealers.

Here is the official press release from Miniot:

A wooden protector for your Leica T

Leica T Case 2We’re excited to announce our new Miniot case for Leica T, carved out of a single block of the finest wood.

Tightly modeled around its contours, the Miniot case adds a natural feel and a grand style to your Leica T!
The Leica T and the Miniot case: A unique match.

The case easily snaps on and off your Leica. High precision carving guarantee a perfect fit, and a fantastic grip.
Newly developed techniques make the Miniot case light, thin and very sturdy.

Multiple thin layers of varnish give the case a durable finish, shielding the wood and subtly enhancing its luster.

Personalise your Leica T

No two pieces of wood are alike. This makes every Miniot case for Leica T unique.

Our high quality engraving options make the case even more personal. A message to the one you love, your company logo, or even a small image can be engraved.

Made in Holland

Every Miniot case is made with precision and care from a single piece of the best wood we can find.

Our wood is obtained from well managed forests and FSC certified supply.

All Miniot products are designed and made in Schagen, the Netherlands.

The Miniot case for Leica T will be available in July, in three unique wood species, at (link is external) and through selected dealers.

A sample can be seen at the Leica Pop-Up Store, Eerste Boomdwarsstraat 10, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For more information and sample requests please contact: (link sends e-mail)

via @LeicaRumors

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