The Leica User Forum Buch 2014 is now available as an eBook version at Blurb for purchase and download. The print version will follow soon!

Leica User Forum Buch 2014

Watch Great Pictures and Do Something Good

As with the last two books £10 from sale price of each copy will be donated to the organization ACIR, which supports the international cancer research.

Through the filing fees for the 200 submitted images we already raised £ 2,760. An anonymous jury chose the 107 favourite photographs for the final version.

A special thanks goes to Andy Barton, who has mastered organization and layout for the book again!

Leica User Forum Book – a Story of Success

The Leica User Forum Book 2014 is a follow-up project to the issues in 2010 and 2012. The last book projects raised over £20,000 for charity organisation AICR.

This year we want to achieve a similar amount – so visit Blurb, buy the book and do something good:

» Leica User Forum Book 2014


Here is a brief insight into the book:

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