leica t_silver_frontIn this link list you can find a bunch of reviews, videos, hands on and pictures of the new Leica T (Type 240), which was announced on April 24th:


  • David Farkas from Red Dot Forum published a comprehensive LEICA T review, even including a demonstration of the App. (Update 4-29-2014)
  • Camera West could also take a closer look on the camera and shared some DNG files already. In addition you can pre-order the LEICA T in their online shop. (Update 4-29-2014)
  • Jonathan Slack: Forum member Jono had the opportunity to test the new camera as well. He shares his thoughts in this interesting review – Testing Taifun . . . The new Leica T
  • Leica Camera offers a lot interesting information around the new camera and comes up with a new website design and content.
  • Ming Thein was allowed to test the LEICA T as one of the first user and describes his experience in this interesting review.
  • Steve Huff: As usual Steve has created a complete review about the new camera with great images and a 34 min. video review.
  • The Photoblographer also contributes a first impression article on the LEICA T.
  • The Luminous Landscape shared a review, too.
  • Kristian Dowling published a complexe and informative review with information about the camera, practical use and facts about the accessories
  • Reviewed.com shared a complex test of the Taifun.
  • ePHOTOzine offers a number of product images and a short hands-on about the LEICA T (Type 701).
  • dpreview was allowed to check the camera and shared a short article.
  • photography blog: Mark Goldstein shows some sample images.
  • TechRadar presents a short review of the LEICA T (Type 701).

Leica T (Type 701) Video: Reviews, Comments and Production

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  1. Reid Reviews (subscription site) also has a series of reviews on the T and it’s lenses and its use with M mount lenses.

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