100 rare treasures from all eras of technical development of Leitz: As part of the opening ceremony of new Leica headquarter in Wetzlar, WestLicht presents a unique auction in collaboration with the erman camera manufacturer.

WestLicht and Leica Auction in Wetzlar

Starting with an extremely rare telescope of Carl Kellner from 1852 the auction will cover the entire history of Leitz / Leica:

  • Leica I Model A (the first commercially manufactured model)
  • Original Luxus Leica
  • Leica 250 with electric motor
  • Prototype of the Leica M3 and many other treasures

Followed by 100 photography lots with Leica reference.

The auction will be accompanied by a very exclusive 450 page catalogue, which you can preorder here.

For the registration of your personal attendance to the auction in Wetzlar on May 23, please send an email with your name, address and telephone number to: 100years-auction(at)westlicht.com

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  1. Hi, I have a Leica camera that belongs to the years 1953 serial Nr 760107 is in a very good condition ,but I’m interested to take him to any auction, if you can give me any address auction where these auction was. I will be very greateful.

    Best Regards

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