leica-forum-bookFollowing on from the great success of the Forum Charity Books in 2010 and 2012, those of us who were involved in the organisation of that project think that now is the right time to put together a third volume.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that this new project is going live today. With everyone’s help, we can raise some more serious money for our chosen charity. The first two books raised a total of almost £20,000 (US$32,000) (€24,000) for the charity.

Details of the project are as follows:

The Charity

  • Once again, the charity to benefit from the proceeds of the book, and the submission fees, will be the Association for International Cancer Research, a charity that supports cancer research worldwide. More information is, of course, available from their website.

The Book

Leica Forumsbuch

  • The book will once again be produced using the Blurb on-line system.
  • It will contain 100 photographs
  • There will be a £10 mark-up for each book bought, regardless of size or finish, which will be donated to the charity
  • There will be two sizes, to account for different depths of pocket. Large Square Format and Standard Square Format will be offered and we will arrange for both soft and hardback versions to be available. There will also be a choice of the standard and highest quality paper and an eBook/pdf version. Please note that any prices shown generally on the Blurb website do NOT include shipping, VAT, other purchase taxes where applicable, or the £10 mark-up.
  • The book will contain the 100 photographs voted as the best, by the judging panel.


  • Contributors must have been members of the Forum before 1st December 2013
  • There will be a maximum of 3 submissions per contributor
  • There will be a mandatory £10 donation to the charity for each submission, up to a maximum of £30 for the three submissions
  • The donations are to be made ONLY via the following website: Leica Forum is fundraising for AICR.
  • Please ensure that your name and Forum nick-name (if different) are included on the final page reached on the donation pages. When you get to the last page, there is the option to add a short message to the donation to show your support etc. Please add your forum name to that message. (If you don’t include your forum “nickname” and allow your name to be visible on the JustGiving website, it becomes extremely difficult to audit who has contributed, and can therefore make submissions. Thank you.)
  • Without the charitable donation, there will be no consideration of photographs
  • Submissions will only be included in the judging process when it has been confirmed that the charitable donation has been made.
  • Submissions MUST therefore be accompanied by the email confirmation from the charity donation website, and donations will be visible to all on the charity contribution site.
  • There is no guarantee of inclusion within book for any contributor
  • There will be no refund of the charitable donation if your submissions are not used
  • Forum rules apply with regards to use of third party cameras / lenses. i.e. either the camera body or the lens must be made by Leica
  • Submissions, in the first instance, are to be in accordance with Forum rules viz dimensions and file size.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, images must be no more than 1024 pixels on the longest side and no larger than 300kb file size.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to send up to the three photographs to the email address in one email
  • This will be to make sure that the email in-box doesn’t get completely swamped with large files.
  • Submissions must be in jpg format.
  • Submissions to be made to the special Gmail account via email lufbook2014@gmail.com
  • Submissions must be accompanied by the following:
    • Title
    • Real name (and Forum nick-name) of contributor
    • Equipment used
    • Date taken (approx)
    • Copy of email confirmation from the charity website
  • There will be no limit on when the photograph was taken, provided it complies with the rules
  • Please make the title of the file that you are sending match the title of the photograph. This will make life much easier for the person putting together the images for judging.
  • The original photographer will retain full copyright of their work, but by submitting an image he/she is agreeing that the image can, if selected, be published in the book, on the subsequent public website and on the Leica Forum but only in the context of the Leica Forum Book 2014 project. If there is to be publication in LFI, a similar Leica based website or in other publications, the respective photographer will be asked for their permission to use the photograph, in advance.
  • Any contributor who does not want his or her photographs to be included on a subsequent website, or for that matter, anywhere other than the book, should make this absolutely clear in the covering email, when submitting the photos for the book project, so that the photographs may be tagged accordingly. This will not affect the judging for the purpose of inclusion within the book in any way, of course.
  • The contributor must be the copyright holder of any submitted image
  • All submissions must comply with English Law
  • Closing date for submission of images for consideration will be midnight (GMT) on Sunday 2nd February 2014


  • A panel of judges has been agreed
  • The judges will remain anonymous
  • The photographs will have no identifying EXIF data or authors’ names when they are being judged.
  • Judges will not be allowed to “vote” for their own submission(s)
  • Judging will take place on every valid submission and all judges will “vote” on all photographs.
  • The Project Manager will then collect all the judges’ spreadsheets and collate all of the chosen submissions, to determine the overall “Top 100”

Collection of full res images

  • The Project Manager will then email successful contributors and request full resolution copies of the images, as required by the Blurb software to maximise the quality on the printed page. This will require the images to be 300 dpi jpgs in sRGB.
  • EXIF information (if available) will be requested at this time too
  • Final submission images must be made without borders, strokes etc. to ensure that the presentation of the photographs is consistent throughout the book.
  • There will be a time limit of 3 weeks given for receipt of full resolution images
  • If these are not received within the 3 week deadline, a substitute image will be requested from a pool of “nearly made its”
  • It will be the contributor’s responsibility for making sure that the full resolution image complies with the necessary quality parameters, which will be clearly stated in the email request from the Project Manager

Introduction/History etc

  • During this period, the introduction and any other textual pages will be being prepared.

Preparation of book

  • The Project Manager will take control of setting out and actually putting the book together in Blurb

Website with all contributions

  • A website will be set up with every submission received included, regardless of whether they were included within the book
  • The photographs on the website will be in the order received by the Project Manager
  • There will be no preference in order for those that made the cut to the book

We thank you again for your time in considering this very worthy idea and your generosity in 2010 and 2012. We look forward to raising a lot of money for the AICR, as well as contributing to what will be a most interesting book.

About The Author

Andreas is Photo Engineer and lives in Bonn, Germany. He runs the international Leica Forum, the Systemkamera Forum (about CSC cameras) and the Fuji X Forum. Google+


  1. Thanks Andreas 🙂

  2. I’m wondering if it’s still possible to order the 2014 Leica Forum Book.
    If so could you please pass me a link.
    It is a great cause and a beautiful collection of images. Are there plans for anothe one?
    Frank Yantorno

  3. Thank You for the response

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