Do you still search for Christmas gifts or ideas for your own wish list? We have collected a list of useful and witty accessories for photographers!

003-gizmon-iphoneGizmon iPhone Case in Leica Look

The iPhone case by Gizmon gives smartphones the vintage look of analog screw mount Leica cameras. The cases are available in different designs and with a variety of accessories.

At Amazon (ca. $30)

001-gi-colorchecker-passportX-Rite Color Checker Passport

Photographers who want images with proper color reproduction have to calibrate the white balance. With the Color Checker Passport you can achieve good results in digital post-processing quickly.

At Amazon (ca. $90)

018-vivicapVivicap for Manual White Balance

Also an excellent tool for manual white balance is the “Vivicap”. Simply shoot with the cap on lens in direction of the light source and use the resulting image as a reference value.

At Amazon (ca. $12)

014-leica-ringLeica Fingershot Ring

A Ring for true Leica-Fans. It is made of Sterling silver and shaped like a Leica M3.

At Florian Huhoff (ca. 190 €)

004-cookie-cutterCamera Cookie Cutter

For those who have no desire for cookies with star and tree-form anymore this cookie cutter set will hit the spot.

At Amazon (ca. $18)

005-bubble-level-hot-shoeBubble Level for Hot Shoe

With the bubble level for hot shoes crooked horizons are no longer a problem.

At Amazon (ca. $6)

006-en-foto-handschuheFleece Gloves for Photographers

Especially indispensable for the cold season: Gloves for photographers with possibility to expose your thumb and index fingers.

At Amazon (ca. $25)


The perfect monopod for heavy terrain and lightweight luggage.

At Amazon (ca. $17)

008-sensor-cleaningLenspen Sensor Cleaning Set

Who doesn’t know this problem: Sensor dust. The only solution is a professional cleaning or your own sensor cleaning kit:

At Amazon (ca. $50)

009-en-reflectorsetReflector/Diffuser Kit

Perfect to brighten up the shadows in different situations – especially for portraits.

At Amazon (ca. $15)


A great gift for analog nostalgics. The USB stick can contain up to 4 GB of data.

At Photojojo (ca. $20)

010-adobe-lightroom-5Adobe Lightroom 5

In the digital world image editing programs have become indispensable. A good and cheap alternative for the complete Photoshop package is the new version of Adobe Lightroom 5:

At Amazon (ca. $112)

012-en-softboxesSoftbox Lighting & Boom Hair Light Kit

Photo lamps with softbox are really practical for a small private home studio.

At Amazon (ca. $130)

019-dodge_burn_ur_leicaDodge and Burn – Leica T-Shirts

Amazing T-Shirts for Leica aficionados!

At Dodge and Burn (ca. $29)

013-apple-ipad-connectionAPPLE iPad Camera Connection Kit

Show images on your iPad with the Apple Connection Kit quickly.

At Amazon (ca. $25)

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