leica_m3_chrom_1000000Leica cameras with special serial numbers seem to pay off: At 24th Westlicht Auction a Leica M3 Chrom with the serial number 1.000.000 was sold for 840.000 Euro.

All Leica Lots Sold

With a selection of ca. 700 cameras, lenses and accessories Westlicht in Vienna had the 24th auction.

At the end of the day all Leica lots were sold: The highlight was a Leica M3 Chrome which was auctioned for 840.000 Euro. The Leica IIIf SN 500.000 came was sold for 360.000 Euro.
As another highlight a Leica C Luxus was sold for 504.000 Euro.

Increased Collector Interest in Photo-Rarities

Peter Coeln, founder and owner of the auction house Westlicht is enthusiastic: “This year’s auction could not have been better. The results speak for themselves. I am also very happy about the growing interest of people and collectors in the art of photography. A strong mix of bidders from 27 countries helped make the evening a success”. So we can look forward what to the next Westlicht Auction .

Here is a list of results and some short video clips of the auction:


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  1. I have a Leica M3 -1111 515

    Do you know what this is worth?

    I have lenses too

  2. Hello Im Dwayne Corley,
    I have a Leica III with Lens, itdoo hood and len hood.original brown caring case.
    Can someone assist.

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