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Thrilling, real, stunning – “Life Magazine” photographer Robert Houston’s street photographies are documenting the year 1968 on an impressive way. Here is his story:

Robert Houston – Photographer for the “Life Magazine”

Can you tell us something about you and your fascination for photography?

made with Leica robert houstonAccording to my parents, I was very alert as a baby, consequently a relative gave me an old Kodak camera when I was four years old.  This camera replaced many toys and became a part of me at this young age.

I most enjoy street (documentary) photography as a result of my mentor, “Mr. Gordon Parks” formerly of “Life Magazine” having told me years ago that “If I want to earn a living as a photographer, I had better photograph people because trees and seascapes don’t buy pictures”.  That started my career.

Why did you choose Leica as your favorite tool?

As a child I saw issues of “Life Magazine” that were brought home by my relatives and was amazed that such a small Leica camera could be so creative in the hands of someone with skills.  There were no schools to attend so I began to teach myself.  I do not regret that I am a self taught photographer and that I’ve chosen Leica as my favorite tool.

A short description about the images we are presenting?

This first picture is an example of my favorite subject matter.  The work I am going to send will be more street photography as well as images I shot for “Life Magazine” at the “Poor Peoples Campaign” 1968, Washington, DC. USA.

Sadly Robert Houston has no Website, but here is a video interview with him in two parts:
Part 1 and Part 2.


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