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In her photo series “Faces of the World”  the Dutch photographer Mariléne Dubois shows a variety of portrait shots.

Mariléne Dubois – Faces of the World

mariléne dubois selfportraitCan you tell us something about you and your fascination for photography?

My fascination for photography was inspired by my father who was a compassionate amateur. He gave me a camera at the age of 9 and taught me the basics of photo technique and composition. After many different jobs I decided to make the jump and become a freelance photographer. I have never regretted it. My assignments consist mainly of reportage, documentary and portrait photography. I also give photography workshops and lessons.

Why did you choose Leica as your favorite tool, why did you choose your current equipment?

As my father had a Minolta CL and a subscription to “Leica Academie”, I fell in love with Leica and the possibilities of the rangefinder system. After having started as a freelance photographer I finally bought my own Leica, a M3 with a 50 mm Elmar. Later on I also bought a Leica M6 with a 50 mm Summicron and a 35 mm Summarit. I mainly use the M6 with slide film and I also still use the M3 for black and white photography.

As I am travelling a lot and my photography consists mainly of photographing people in an unobtrusive way the M system is the perfect tool. It is small but not too light, it’s silent and inconspicuous and it is easy to use. Once you master it it’s way easier than a DSLR. I like to travel light and with the M system I have all I need; just the bare necessities with great lens quality.

A short description about the images we are presenting?

I’ve always been fascinated by new places and different cultures. It has to do with the curiosity of life and of the world and with wandering around and observing how we live.

Through travelling I realised that there are so many differences and then again so many similarities in this world and that we can learn a lot from it.

The photography of my project “Faces of the World” is an ongoing project and there is no end to it.

Most of the images presented here have been made during my two trips over land from Holland to Asia. The other ones have been made on other trips or just in my home country Holland.

On here blog and website Mariléne Dubois presents more photos.


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