digi-lux 1.
digi-lux 1.

Winner of the last Digi-Lux Challenge mikren has introduced a new topic:

Digi-Lux Challenge #26: “Linien/Lines”

The schedule:

  • 19th August – 08th September
    Taking pictures
  • 09th September – 15th September
  • 16th September – 22nd September

The theme gives creativity a wide scope but the challenge is limited in the cameras allowed: Competition entries have to be taken with a Digilux, V-Lux or D-Lux camera (or their Lumix siblings).

We’re looking forward to the results and will publish them in the L-Forum Blog.
If you want to participate click here: 

Digi-Lux Challenge #26 – “Linien/Lines”


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  1. Hi,
    Can we use the Digilux 2? Do photos from that count?

    Thanks. Satya

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