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Daniel Maissan is a freelance photographer and currently works with a Leica M Monochrome. During his latest assignment he had the opportunity to accompany  Greenpeace Director International Kumi Naidoo on his trip to Istanbul.

Daniel Maissan – Stories In Black And White

Daniel Maissan selfportraitCan you tell us something about you and your fascination for photography?

Photography to me is a way to get in contact with a world I understand less every day. It makes me aware of what happens around me, without asking me for judgment or an opinion.

Why did you choose Leica as your favorite tool, why did you choose your current equipment?

At this moment I work with the Leica Monochrom and a Summicron 35mm. It’s all I need. It forces me to understand the craftsmanship and it liberates me from having to many options to choose from. Black and white has my preference because I can tell a story without the distraction of color.

A short description about the images we are presenting?

My last assignment was in Istanbul, where I had the opportunity to shadow the director of Greenpeace International – Kumi Naidoo- during his 5-day stay. A hectic and busy schedule, including demonstrations, conference, talking to the press and live tv-interviews.

On his blog Daniel presents more photos and a report about his assignment in Istanbul:


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  1. I very much want to buy a Monochrom M but I am concerned that, having made my purchase, the camera will become obsolete and Leica will not support the model any more some years down the line. A Leica Monochrom M is obscenely expensive and to find that a few years down the line Leica no longer supports the camera rendering it useless would not please me. I have used Leica M cameras for many years and I currently have a couple of M6 bodies and an assortment of Summicron optics which are all serviceable and will continue to be repairable but I hear that Leica are no longer supporting, for an example, the M8 which must not be great news for people paying out considerable amounts for their cameras. Are you, in some way able to allay my fears and give me the product confidence to buy a Monochrom M

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