Westlicht Leica Luxus

Leica Madness at Westlicht: This weekend a gold plated Leica III was sold for stunning 528.000 Euro, followed closely by a Leica M3 prototype (432,000 EUR) and a Leica Reporter 250 prototype (240,000 EUR). The Leica IIIa of photojournalist-legend Alfred Eisenstaedt still achieved a price of 114,000 EUR.

Results Of The Westlicht Auction


The gold plated Leica III “Luxus” from 1931 with reptile leather and two lenses was the most expensive camera of the auction. The unique camera belonged to German wine producer Karl Henkell,  the new owner afforded 528,000 EUR.

High profits also gained a rare prototype of the Leica M3 with the serial number 0060 from 1952/53, which rose from a starting price of 70,000 to 432,000 EUR, and a Leica Reporter 250 prototype, which was sold for 240,000 EUR. The historical Leica IIIa of the famous photojournalist Alfred Eisenstaedt was auctioned for 114,000 EUR.

On Saturday a total of nearly 700 lots were disposed for more than 5 million EUR.

Here are the results of the 23. Westlicht auction.



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