In an interview with Forbes magazine the product manager of the Leica S system, Stephan Schulz, is  full of confidence: 10 year advantage over the competition.

Leica S frontHigh Demand For Leica S-Cameras

In this interview Stephan Schulz talks about the future of medium format camera system and the competition: Hasselblad, Phase One and Mamiya. He is convinced that Leica in this competition could not only compete with them, but also have an advantage of 10 years. The technical advantage, so the product manager, is not in the construction of the sensor, but in the excellent quality of the S lenses.

Schulz’s estimates for the Phase One medium format segment a market share of 40-45%. However, three years after the release of the Leica S2 the percentage of Leica is already at 20%. The high demand is currently leading to a supply bottlenecks, that will be compensated with the opening of the new factory in Wetzlar.

Click here for the full interview – Forbes.


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