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Today the New York film photographer Edwin Torres tells us about his way to Leica. In addition he presents his photo series “City Noir” – a long term project illustrating solitude and magic of the big city.

A New York City Film Shooter

Edwin Torres SelfportraitI am 23, a Puerto Rican male, and grew up in the Bronx, New York, where I never found photography. I spent all of my grade and high school days watching and observing the intricacies that a city presents. Coming from a working-class family, art was never an option so all I could do was look. It wasn’t until I went to Colby College in Maine and began to study film photography that I found my passion for the art. Being in critiques and attending lecture speakers made me really appreciate the ability of film as a medium. It is in its purest form a tool you can use to trace the effects of light and the images of us. This fascinated me. I knew I would miss the use of film, a state of the art darkroom, and the slower work pace. I use to shoot with a lot of DSLR’s but ended up selling my equipment to buy film supplies.

I mostly shot black and white and developed in my bathroom. With film I will always have my archives and do not have to worry about losing my files due to data corruption. Furthermore, I really enjoy the process.
I am interested in the medium’s complexity in depicting reality and realism. Does the camera truly show us what is real? I find myself taking many images that depict reality but still have an heir of fantasy or “created” feeling to them.

The below portfolio is an on-going long-term personal art project that was critiqued by a few editors from Time Magazine and Newsweek (Patrick Witty and James Wellford). I received both positive and constructive feedback. This project expresses my feelings of loneliness and mystery in a big city like New York.


From “The Texas Leica” To The M7

Edwin Torres 4I initially found Leica through my love of medium format film photography. In my college days I would shoot with a Fujifilm GSW690III also known in the U.S. as “The Texas Leica” due to its incredibly large size. After this camera I knew there was something about rangefinders that truly spoke to me. I told myself that if I was to have a camera for the rest of my life, I should have a Leica. These cameras are timeless and I knew that I would love one just as much 20 years from now.

I saved some money to purchase a used Leica M7, a 50mm Summilux Version 2, and a 35mm Summicron Asph. I truly appreciate the reliability and build of this Leica (10x better than my old Fuji). I also love how the value for these Leica film cameras remains the same over the years. I am looking forward to many years of use as a tool to trace light and make images.

The photo gallery shows Edwin Torres project “City Noir.” On his website you can find a wealth of his other work, too.


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